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Swachh Bharat Reaches London As Indians Clean Up The Mess Left Behind By Pakistani Protesters

The Indian community in the UK has sent a strong message of perseverance and standing by the cause of the nation in the face of turmoil as they joined hands in cleaning the trash that was left behind in the aftermath of violent protests outside the Indian embassy in London last week. 


Many people in the UK have denounced the recent violent protests and vandalisation of the Indian High Commission in London during the 'Kashmir Freedom March' organised by a plethora of British Kashmiri groups.
Thousands of protesters had gathered outside the High Commission over the Kashmir issue. They threw eggs and vegetables on the embassy building. The demonstrators also smashed a windowpane of the High Commission.
The protesters were carrying flags of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and shouted "freedom" slogans. Stubborn marks were left behind on the building of India House in Aldwych, London by eggs, tomatoes, smoke bombs and frozen water bottles that the protesters hurled at the embassy. Several windows were also damaged.
Several leading personalities from the UK had earlier visited the Indian High Commission, and accused London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, of allowing thousands of protesters to gather for an anti-India protest.
External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar had condemned the vandalism and protests, saying that India considered these incidents to be "unacceptable" and have strongly urged the UK to take necessary steps to ensure normal functioning of the Mission and the safety and security of the personnel working at the mission.
Sadiq Khan had termed the clashes as unacceptable behaviour. He also called on the police to take action against the perpetrators. India has already conveyed its concerns to the UK following incidents of violence. 



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