The top 5 places to take a cruise to this year

Cruise Critic recently released its top cruise destinations of 2019 based on members' reviews from trips they took in 2018.
These top destinations include places around the world like Singapore, Bora Bora, Glacier Bay, and Vienna.
One of the top cruise destinations on the list is Avignon, France.


Cruise Critic has just released their annual picks for the top cruise destinations around the world for 2019.
The cruise-review website Cruise Critic based its choices on members' reviews and ratings for trips that were taken in 2018. Rather than ranking individual cruise lines or ships, the site's editors singled out the top five global destinations that members raved about the most.
Here are five of the best places to cruise to this year.
Cruisers loved the vibrant island of Singapore.
Located off the southern coast of Malaysia, Singapore is a colorful city-state known for its nightlife and glittering urban landscape.
Singapore is also famous for its delectable street-food offerings and world-class live-music performances. According to their reviews, visitors also loved the clean streets and friendly vibe of the city
Cruise reviewers especially raved about Singapore's fantastical Gardens by the Bay, a collection of stunning indoor and outdoor gardens that incorporate surreal glass and metal structures.
Vienna earned top marks for its gorgeous architecture.
The capital of Austria, Vienna is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Cruisegoers loved Vienna's gorgeous architecture and visitor-friendly attractions such as the MuseumsQuartier, a large mix of museums, and open-air summer cinema shows.
Vienna also has a buzzing coffee and beer culture, which means you can start your day at one of the city's many historic coffee houses and end it with a pint at the famed Ottakringer Brewery.
Glacier Bay was a hit with nature lovers.
Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is located on Alaska's Inside Passage. Cruising here means getting up close and personal with towering glaciers, gliding through dramatic fjords, and observing wildlife such as humpback whales or sea otters.
Ships aren't actually allowed to dock within the national park, so this destination is oftentimes enjoyed from the comfort of the ship's deck. But that doesn't mean you won't enjoy what this area has to offer — as one Cruise-Critic member wrote, Glacier Bay has "the most breathtaking views you will ever see."


Bora Bora is a popular destination, too.
If you're looking for the ultimate island escape, take a cruise that docks at Bora Bora, which is located in the South Pacific.
Cruise-Critic reviewers adored this island for its turquoise lagoons and dramatic mountain scenery. They also enjoyed having the chance to spot a celebrity at the legendary Bloody Mary's Restaurant and Bar, which is said to have been visited by famous folks like Jimmy Buffet and Buzz Aldrin.
At this port, you can also embark on shore excursions such as swimming with reef sharks and stingrays, off-road tours of the island's natural spaces, and beach hopping.
Avignon has stunning architecture and scenic views.
Avignon is a compact French city with a fairytale vibe. It's tucked away in the region of Provence, which means that it's typically only accessible to cruise ships via the Rhône River.
The city is beloved for its stone buildings with pastel accents, scenic river walks, and convenient location about an hour from the port city of Marseille. Avignon is also home to Palais des Papes, which is one of the largest Medieval gothic palaces in the world.
Art lovers should consider booking a cruise to Avignon in July, when the city hosts the popular Festival d'Avignon performing-arts festival.



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