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We All Remember These Cute Relationship Firsts That Make Us Feel All Mushy Inside

When finally you meet a person you can actually talk to without looking at the time. When you start connecting with them on many levels effortlessly. There are many firsts that you encounter. All the firsts that make you smile and glow your face up. 


Starting of romantic relationships is always the best time indeed and here are all the firsts that we can't seem to forget because they are too cute and adorable.
1. When you hear someone else refer to them as your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time.  
2. The first time you throw each other ~that look~ at a gathering and know that it's time to leave.
3. The first time they say 'text me when you reach home.'
4. The first time they get jealous of someone but refuse to admit.
5. The first time you hold hands and are scared to talk at the moment.
6. The first time they send you a long text, absolutely randomly.
7. The first time they introduce you to their friends.


8. The first time you meet their parents and get all the family vibes.
9. The first time they cancel all the plans because you're not feeling okay.
10. The first time you have that deep late night conversation.
11. The first time you realize that you love them and express the same.



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