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Whenever You Stay At A Hotel, Place A Bag Over The Bathtub Drain And Weigh It Down With Coins

Whether your plan is to sunbathe on a beach in Miami, ski down a snow-covered hill in Aspen or go wine tasting in the south of Italy, there is one undeniable factor that you must face; you’ll probably need to stay at a hotel. While traveling can be luxurious and exciting, it can also be highly stressful and chaotic.


Once you’ve claimed your luggage, checked-in and finally hauled it up to your room, it’s finally time to relax, right? Wrong! It’s now time to unpack. Taking the time to settle in and make this temporary home as comfortable as possible can sometimes be tricky. Even more, working abroad or traveling with the entire family, kids included, can often be the cherry on top of your already rough journey.
If you’re looking to ease your pain and save money, life hacks are your new best friend. Below are 12 need-to-know tricks to help change your hotel room into a world of cost-effective opportunities.
1. Unfortunately, for those of us who are eager to hop onto Facebook as soon as we get past reception, hotel wifi isn’t always free. Instead of paying for Internet access, check with your provider if you are able to create a personal hotspot from your mobile phone. This way, you can use your laptops and tablets from the comfort of your queen size bed without extra charge.
2. Getting sick is something everybody wants to avoid while travelling. Check your luggage to see if it comes with clothing clips and use them as little stands for your toothbrush to avoid any contact with germs in the bathroom.
3. Laundry is a hassle, even at home. If you find yourself needing to clean some clothes while on vacation and don’t have access to a laundromat grab a plastic bag and a couple of coins. Place the bag over the drain and weigh it down with the money to clog it. Instant washing station!
4. What are trips without excessive amounts of photos, videos and music? Lots of camera usage can make your phone’s battery go down real quick and running out of places to charge can be mayhem when travelling with a group. Check the back of the TV in your room, most should have a USB port that works well as a replacement.
5. Change your baby’s diaper without the fear of damaging the bedsheets by using the desk as a baby-changing station.
6. Dirty diapers are also an issue when accompanied by an infant. Hotels often provide plastic bags for dirty laundry, these are perfect for throwing out all used garbage, including baby products.
7. Bad odors can catch on quick when travelling. New places and crowded spaces are usually a recipe for funky smells but all of this can all be solved with a quick solution. Fabric softeners are amazing for getting rid of unwanted fragrances, simply just throw a few into your suitcase to lock in a fresh feeling.
8. By placing a rolled-up towel or sheet along the bottom of your door, you can block out any disturbing sounds or lights that can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.


9. Another way to ensure you will wake up feeling great is to block out the morning light from the windows by using a pant hanger to clip the two sides of the curtains together.
10. A quick fix for a small dinner table, great for the kids, is in the closet. Grab the ironing board that most hotels keep in your room, and lay it out as a replacement counter-top.
11. If you’re meeting someone special for dinner or planning a night out, you need lotion. Take the small bottle of moisturizer and dab a little bit onto your footwear for an excellent shoe shine.
12. Packing for trips can be difficult to organize. For shorter trips, buy a portable shelf and pack within each section. When you pull out the foldable rack you won’t even have to unpack!



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