History of Nalanda University
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History of Nalanda University


● Destroyed
With this library came t end of all the priceless thousands of books, thousands of knowledge that the world could never recover.Many invaluable knowledge & books on 
Medicine,Chemistry,Ayurveda,Astronomy,Yoga,Tantra,Philosophy,etc. were lost from t face of t earth forever.This is the loss of the whole world,of all mankind.
One more thing is destroyed in that destruction.As a result of that attack,Buddhism went back hundreds of years.Because of that attack,a large part of his religious texts,religious scholars,were destroyed.Since that attack,t rate of Buddhism in India has been declining rapidly.
● How do we about Nalanda?
The main & important information about Nalanda can be learned from the writings of the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang.This Chinese traveler came here in 628 AD & studied Buddhism here for 2 years.He left a lot of valuable information about Nalanda in his writings.
Later,when the Tibetan scholar Chag Lo-tsa-ba (1197 - 1264) visited India in 1236,he saw Nalanda as a dead,ruined history. But he also saw that Rahul Srivadra,a 90-year-old teacher in Nalanda,was still imparting knowledge to his 70 students.The local Hindus were helping him. Perhaps that was the last teaching in Nalanda. he and Nalanda wrote down a lot of valuable information about the last history.



● Size of Nalanda: 
The university was located on an area of ​​about 14 hectares. According to Hiuen Tsang,the university had about 108 temples, with six large separate halls,300 separate rooms,a large library, separate halls for meditation and classrooms.Gardens and ponds spread around the university.The boundaries of the entire university were surrounded by a high wall of stone.It had only one entrance.
Seeing the architecture of Nalanda,the common people,the architects,the scientists were all amazed.
● Soul of Nalanda: 
The Nalanda library was called "Dharmāyajna".There were 3 huge buildings in Dharmayajna.Their names were Ratnasagar,Ratnadadhi,Ratnarajnaka.Among them Ratnasagar was a 9-storey building.The library of Nalanda was the soul and spirit of Nalanda.



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