Real-Life Atlantis? 3,400-Year-Old Palace Emerges After Water Levels Drop in Drought-Hit Kurdistan
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Atlantis may not be real, but the ruins of a 3,400-Year-Old Palace in Kurdistan is.


Whether Atlantis is real or not still remains the topic of many debates.
A three millennium old palace which just rose from the ground, however, is very much real.
The 3,400-Year-Old palace emerged from a reservoir in the Kurdistan region of Iraq when the water levels dropped in the reservoir because of drought.
The palace was found in the Mosul Dam reservoir, which is located on the banks of the river Tigris. The discovery of this palace promoted a spontaneous archaeological dig that could help understand the Mittani Empire, one of the least-researched empires of the Ancient Near East, reports CNN.
The palace, now in ruins, would originally have stood just 65 feet from the river on an elevated terrace. A terrace wall of mud bricks would later have been added to stabilize the building. Measuring a kilometer in length and 500 meters across, the ancient urban area features grand houses, a palace, an extensive road network and a cemetery.
Some of the still-intact walls from the ruined measured more than two meters high and almost 6 feet thick, and some rooms had plastered walls. Walls which were painted shades of red and blue, were also founded in the ruins.
"The find is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the region in recent decades," said Kurdish archeologist Hasan Ahmed Qasim.
Ten clay tablets covered in cuneiform, which is an ancient style of writing was also found, pictures of which have been sent to Germany for translation.
Ivana Puljiz, an archeologist from the University of Tübingen's Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies, described the palace, as 'Kemune.'
Kemune had first caught archeologists' attention in 2010 when water water levels in the reservoir were low. Before they could excavate, however, the palace was submerged.



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