Karambir Kang: Real hero at Taj Mahal Hotel

It's not just the police, the NSG and the media that's been up working relentlessly for the last 60 hours to bring things under control in the wake of the terror attacks in Mumbai.


Many people owe their lives to the efficiency of Karambir Kang, general manager, of the hotel who has personally supervised operations to ensure that they saved as many lives as possible.
What most of those who have been rescued do not know is that Kang was one of the first to be affected by the terror attack and that he continued to work after he had lost his wife as well as his two young children who were trapped in the fire on the sixth floor at the hotel. 
At mid-noon on Saturday morning, even after the NSG had concluded the operations, Kang refused to go home and continued to be at the Taj supervising operations. 
The officials at the Taj said that Kang refused to go home even after being requested by Ratan Tata, who inspected the hotel earlier in the day.
The people rescued from the Taj did not short of words of praise for the staff who continued to supervise operations, inspite of the danger to their own lives. 
"They did everything to ensure that we were alright, we couldn't have done it without them," said the many of the hostages of the staff at the Taj who are said to have gone over and above the call of duty during the crisis.
Mohinder Singh who has been part of the Housekeeping Department for 35 years, was at the site with his team to clean up the hotel as soon as the NSG said the operations were completed.  
Adman Suhel Seth who was on the way back to the hotel after attending a wedding thanks the staff for sending him a text message asking him to stay away.
The stories are many, tales of heroism in the face of crisis. As for Kang, he continues to supervise operations at the Taj, his colleagues have been unable to convince him to go home!




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