The richest man in history, the world has forgotten
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If Jacob Fugger was alive today, even then Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim are richer than the world's four big aristocrats.

According to Greg Steinmetz, the biographer of Jacob and former editor of the Wall Street Journal, this German banker and businessman was called 'The Rich One'. This period was from 1459 to 1525.

Jacob earned about 400 billion US dollars or about 25 trillion dollars in that time. Greg described Jacob as the richest man in history in his book 'The Richest Man Who Ever Live' in 2015.

Greg's claim can be questioned to tell Jacob the richest man in history.
Speaking to BBC World, Greg said, "Jacob was the most powerful banker ever in the world."

What is the logic behind the richest?

Greg explains, "Jacob was living in the Renaissance period. Then the two powers used to run the Roman Empire and the Pope to the world. Fugger used to provide money to both of them.

There is no such person in history who has such political power.

Fugger decided that King Charles I of Spain should be king of Rome and he also got success as Charles-5.
Charles-5 made the New World subnavish. Had he not been in power then the world would not have been as it is today. "

Why were so rich, so anonymous?

A lot of people know about the rich men of Medici, Caesar and the Lussurria Borgia Brothers of that era. The question is, why few people know about Fogger.

Greg explains the reason for this, "It was because Fogger was German and he was not recognized by the English-speaking world.
"I was the bureau chief of the Wall Street General in Berlin. I had heard the name of Fugger several times. But I did not get to read anything about him in English. "

Were rich but not colorful mood.

The world probably knows less about Fonger, because it was not a colorful man. As it was a very ordinary matter for the nobles of that era.

Fugger never wanted to become a political office or to become a pope.

Neither Fagger nor the sponsor of building the buildings nor any artist of the Renaissance.

Faggirai, the most famous of Phaggar's work. I.e. a social housing project that he built in Augsburg, southern Germany.

One year rent was $64

This work of Fugger is still famous in German because people living here still pay nearly $64 a year.

Greg explains, "The banker prefers to work in a hidden fashion at that time."

But this does not mean that Jacob Fogger did not leave his mark. Their influence can still be felt, although this fact can not be denied that few people know them.

Major contributions by Jacob Fergger.

  • Monopoly on the Market.

During the Phaggar era, economic activities were very small. The rich depend on the works done by their land and the farmers. The farmers got their work instead of their security.

Fagger talked about repayment of mining rights in exchange for his debt and acquired the monopoly in the trade of copper-silver.

Apart from this, Fugger had a business of spices. Phaggar was one of the founders of capitalism.

  • Launched first news service.

Fugger knew how important the information was. They wanted to get those notifications before their competitors.

For this, Fggar started giving money to the messengers who brought business and politics related news from other cities.

People after Phaggar continued this tradition and started the Faggar Newsletters. It is considered one of the earliest newspapers in history.

  • Start of savings account.

Medici had a bank, but the Catholic Church did not allow interest. The interest was considered to be the church wrong.
Fagger contacted Pope Leo-5 and demanded the removal of this ban. Faggar suggested that those who deposit the money in the Bank of Augsburg will be given an interest of five per cent per annum.


Traveler's help.

Fogger was 33 years old, when Columbus discovered the United States.
Fggar was one of the few financiers who spent the day traveling to the world to spend the Magnolon.

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The richest man in history, the world has forgotten

The richest man in history, the world has forgotten



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