How to manage your pregnancy mood swings

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but it can also be a very challenging time for the mum-to-be. As if carrying a baby inside you wasn’t enough, throw in difficult mood swings and you’ll be reminded why they’re called ‘labor’ pains.


Having to endure constant bodily changes, this emotional rollercoaster of a period can often be overwhelming. But take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone and that these mixed emotions are no more than a consequence of hormones kicking in.
That said, here are five simple tips to help you cope with hormonal fluctuations and give you a smooth start to motherhood:
1. Practice prenatal yoga
They say deep breathing is the way out of all the negativity that plagues you. It can indeed help relax your mind and body and locate your ‘centre’. Prenatal yoga reduces blood pressure and heart rate while offering the clarity of mind necessary to counter mood swings. Apart from reducing stress, yoga asanas can help you deal with other pregnancy woes such as back pain, morning sickness, and headaches. Meditating every morning is another good way to combat mood swings.
2. Give yourself a break
Remind yourself that emotional fluctuations are a part of pregnancy and it’s normal for you to feel the way you do. That said, constant effort at self-care can help you stay on an even keel through these turbulent times. Take it easy and avoid the temptation of doing everything all at once or by yourself. Allow yourself a bit of pampering. If you are a busy bee and work 9-to-6 every day, take short, frequent breaks and don’t let work stress get to you.
3. Get plenty of sleep
A good night’s sleep is the ultimate cure for mood swings. Go to bed early and rest whenever you feel tired. To ensure uninterrupted slumber you’ll want to keep pesky mosquitoes away as they can be annoying, transmit diseases, and trigger mood swings faster than anything. Here’s the solution – plug in the new Goodknight Power Activ+ Vaporizer for a sound sleep, whether it’s through the night or during the day.
4. Eat well and on time
Remaining hydrated and well-fed is essential to keeping mood swings at bay. Your unborn baby and you require frequent nutrition for growth, so avoid the stress that comes with hunger and munch on your favorite snack once in a while; just remember to ensure healthy eating too. The occasional craving is normal and can be indulged but make sure you don’t binge.


5. Talk things over
Whenever you feel low or gloomy, talk to someone you trust. The best person to talk to about your anxiety is your partner. Also, reach out to your family and friends for an instant mood lift.
Above all, don’t forget to set aside time to do something that makes you feel good. Spend quality time with your partner, get a massage, go for a walk, or hang out with friends while keeping these tips in mind. Either way, remember this is a temporary phase – and one that’s easily managed with the right course of action!



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