Keeping Women's Safety In Mind, Hyderabad Man Invents 'Smart Bangles' That Shock Attackers
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A young man in Hyderabad has come up with a brilliant idea keeping the security of women in mind. 23-year-old Gadi Harish claims that he invented ‘smart bangles’ along with his friend, Sai Teja, which generate shock when someone tries to grab them.


Not just that. It also sends live location and SOS messages to relatives and the cops if a woman is in danger. The device called, ‘Self-Security Bangle for Women’ is activated when a woman tilts her arm at a particular angle.
The angle at which the hand is kept gives an electric shock to the person who is holding the woman’s arm and at the same time sends the live location and alerts to relatives and nearby police station. 
Gadi Harish told ANI, "I have developed a project named self-security bangle for women, this device is completely different from the devices available in the market. I have developed this project with the help of my friend, Sai Teja."


"The main concept of this project is to give security to women as nowadays we observe a lot of rape and missing cases of women," he added.
The 23-year-old is now requesting assistance from the government to complete this project and fulfill his objective of making the women feel safe.
In 2018, a group of students in Mexico came up with ‘Woman Wearable,’ a jacket that they said could shock an attacker without harming the wearer in case someone was grabbing them.



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