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After Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar Accused of Supporting Aarey Forest Destruction

Some netizens are calling Akshay Kumar riding the Mumbai metro a PR stunt, while others are accusing him of supporting the destruction of the Aarey forest.


Akshay Kumar made headlines on Wednesday taking a Metro ride after a shoot, in order to save time during peak hours of Mumbai's traffic. Since then, the superstar is being trolled over his action, with some netizens calling it a PR stunt and accusing him of supporting the destruction of the Aarey forest.
For quite some time now, Mumbaikars have been protesting against the proposed cutting of 2,700 trees of Aarey forest to accommodate a Metro car shed project. Akshay Kumar's promotion of the Metro on social media is being perceived by many as an attempt on behalf of the actor to indirectly support the felling of trees.
Commenting under the tweet where the actor has shared a video of his metro ride from Ghatkopar to Versova, a user wrote, "Hypocrite!!! Crying over burning of Amazon Rainforest and now smartly justifying the cutting of Aarey forest".
Another user commented, "Not #LikeABoss, Canadian Kumar... More like #AsToldByTheBoss"
Taking a dig at the actor's Canadian citizenship, one user questioned, "Was it as good as in your home country, Canada?"
Another comment read: "Chacha aap toh Canada nikal jaoge, why are destroying #AareyForest before leaving. Your children will have clean air in Canada but what about people and children of Mumbai. Stop this subtle propoganda."


Asking the actor to stay away from all this, a user suggested, "Bhai you return to Canada. This is Mumbai issue and we Mumbaikars will handle it our way"
Calling it a PR stunt, another user commented, "Why just one day PR stunt? Travel by metro everyday #LikeABoss @akshaykumar. Mumbaikars haven't opposed Metro nor they need 2b educated on its need & importance. But sum people do need education on importance of forests. #SaveAareyForest, its as important as Metro for #Mumbai".
Another user alleged that the actor is supporting the destruction of the city which gifted him his career, "All of this is planned, so that a positive image is created to allow for #AareyForest trees to be cut. Destroying the city that gave him a career. So shrewd and stupid."
Recently, megastar Amitabh Bachchan also faced flak after he expressed his support for metro construction in Mumbai calling it "faster, convenient and most efficient" and a "solution for Pollution". Amitabh's tweet did not go down well with Mumbaikars at a time when everybody is protesting against the cutting of trees in Aarey forest.



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