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Don't Fret And Know Which Market Is Closed On Which Day In Delhi-NCR

Delhi - The capital city of India is not only a tourist paradise but also a hub for shoppers & travelers. You can buy about everything here. Simply fancy it and Delhi adorn it. Delhi has bags of acceptable shops tidily aggregate calm accountable keen - antiques, handicrafts, European fashions, covering articles, rugs and carpets, linen & fabrics, silks, jewelry, appliance and much more. Every often people seeks about Chandni Chowk open on which day, Sarojini Nagar Market close on which day, what's so special in Karol Bagh market and similar queries. So keeping all your queries and troubles into our consideration we bring you a handy list of which Delhi markets are closed on which day to help you plan your shopping in advance. 


1. Sarojini Nagar
There’s nothing in your checklist that you won’t find in Sarojini Nagar Market. Trust us when we say Sarojini has EVERYTHING you’ve been looking for to revamp your wardrobe. From jumpsuits to maxi dresses, thigh-high boots to trendy flats, crop tops to denim shirts, sling bags to backpacks, swimsuits to lingerie and chokers to long chain - the list is never-ending. Apart from that if you’re planning to revamp your room then Sarojini also has home decor items to convert your room into an art piece. But, a lot of must be wondering about the sarojini nagar market timings, so here it is. Sarojini market opens up around 11:00 Am in the morning and it is closed by 10:00 pm in the night. Sarojini Nagar market is closed on Monday, so if you are planning to go shopping over there do not go during Mondays.
Closed On: Monday

2. Chandni Chowk
You are probably already familiar with the streets of Chandni Chowk. Well, why wouldn’t you be? This market has been around for more than three centuries and is famous not only in India but all over the world. In Chandni Chowk, you’ll find anything and everything, and the prices too will not make you cringe. The market is divided into several smaller markets which are famous for and dedicated to selling specific things. Chandni Chowk closed on Sunday, but you can explore the various shopping points at Chandni Chowk on other weekdays.
Closed on: Sunday

3. Khan Market
If you want to shop for premium Indian and International brands then Khan Market is your place to be. With amazing stores and brilliant restaurants, this is the best place in Delhi which is a fantastic addition to any visitor's itinerary. Along with this Khan market have the best romantic restaurants which have the perfect ambiance, exquisite meals, quick service, and a breath-taking environment. Khan market is also closed on Sunday like Chandni Chowk so better plan your date or shopping adventure accordingly. 
Closed on: Sunday

4. Kamla Nagar
More than a traditional market Kamla Nagar is one of the best shopping markets in Delhi where you'll get all your needs fulfilled. This place is full of local shops which sell clothes, accessories, and also household items. Along with all these shopping wonders, there are a lot of new restaurants that keep on pooping out in Kamla Nagar Market. On Mondays the whole market is closed, so better you check the day before going for shopping at Kamla Nagar.
Closed On: Monday

5.Gaffar Market
Experience bargaining at it's best only at Gaffar Market. This "Jugaad" market has a number of tech shops selling first-hand electronics at cheap rates which includes almost all kinds of electronics. One can easily get their mobile repaired here as they have countless shops for the same. This market is usually known for its fake goods so don't be surprised if the products don't hold any guarantee. You'll also find garments and shoes here being sold at a reasonable rate. This wondeful market is closed on Monday though.
Closed on: Monday



6. Nehru Place
In this chaotic hub lies one of the biggest Indian IT markets. If you're looking for any computer/laptop spare parts, electronics, mobile phones, software, batteries rather any new electronic device in town - Nehru Place has got your back! Amidst the chaos lies the world of budget-friendly computer and electronic equipment. Nehru Place is closed on Sundays so plan accordingly to go shopping at Nehru Place.
Closed on: Sunday

7. Lajpat Nagar
When we say shopping in Delhi, the one name to pop up is the Lajpat Nagar Market. Lajpat Nagar Market has a plethora of shops, roadside vendors and other sellers that make this place perfect for people who want to shop more on a shoe-string budget. While you are there, you should also keep in mind that unlike any other market, the vendors and veterans of the Lajpat Nagar Market will not fall for bargaining skills beyond their level of comfort. Many have the question about when is Lajpat Nagar market closed, well it is closed on Monday.
Closed On: Monday

8. Chawri Bazaar
Chawri Bazaar is a Book Market which is a heaven for readers. One just can't get enough of buying books when they discover the amount of variety this market has. One can easily find their favorite collection of books at the cheapest price. Don't be surprised to find novels starting at just Rs.30 - What are you waiting for? Spare a little time on the weekend for some epic book shopping. Though we advise you to go to Chawri Bazaar on weekdays and plan out something else for Sundays since the market remains closed on Sunday.
Closed On: Sunday

9. Shahpur Jat 
From exclusive designer boutiques to the only cupcake cakery in Delhi, you get it all in Shahpur Jat! It’s Delhi’s best-kept secret where you can find a very stylish collection of footwear, accessories, and bags at affordable prices. There is also a lot of nice, cozy and attractive cafe tucked inside the lanes of Shahpur Jat. Not only this, Shahpur Jat is very popular for the wedding shopping.  Don't make any plans on a Sunday because the Shahpur Jat market is closed on that day.
Closed On: Sunday

10. Sadar Bazaar
Find your most important household items at wholesale prices only at Sadar Bazaar. The market has long narrow lanes with shops selling various goods like shoes, leather items, jewelry, toys, and stationery. Sadar Bazaar is one of those wholesale markets which has it all when it comes coping up with household needs and requirements. This populated market is situated in the Delhi Cantonment area where you'll find all the daily needs, as well as your shopping needs, fulfilled. This market is closed on Sunday though so making a plan for that day can go to waste. On other days you are sure to find out each and everything at Sadar Bazaar. 
Closed on: Sunday




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