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Kerala Girl Gallops to Class 10 Exams on Horseback, Anand Mahindra Says She's His Hero

In a video that has been going viral on social media, a young girl in school uniform can be seen galloping away on a horse, apparently enroute to her Class 10 Board examination.


Those who have ever been late for examinations would know the desperation and anxiety students face when they, for whatever reason, get delayed or are unable to reach the venue on time. And if the examinations in question are the Class 10 Boards in India, delay is tantamount to failure in life. 
However, a young girl from Thrissur, Kerala, has been going viral as an example of bravery and quick-mindedness. In a video that has been going viral on social media, a young girl in school uniform can be seen galloping away on a horse, apparently en route to her Board examination. 
The video was shared on micro-blogging site Twitter by Manoj Kumar, whose bio states he is the CEO of Naandi Foundation and co-founder of "Arakau Coffee", and has over 8,000 likes. "This video clip from my #whatsappwonderbox shows how a girl student is going to write her Class X final exam in Thrissur district, Kerala. This story made my Sunday morning brew of @arakucoffeein taste better! After all, ARAKU coffee is about #cupofchange #GirlPower @NanhiKali", Kumar wrote. 
To no one's surprise, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra shared the video on Twitter, calling the incident 'brilliant'. "Girls’ education is galloping ahead...A clip that deserves to go viral globally. This, too, is #IncredibleIndia," he further wrote. 
In fact, so impressed was he that he posted yet another tweet, asking netizens to help him find other photos of the girl. 
"Does anyone in Thrissur know this girl? I want a picture of her and her horse as my screen saver. She’s my hero..The sight of her charging to school filled me with optimism for the future...", he wrote. 
And the wonderful place that the internet is, someone surely gave a relevant response. As per a comment posted by a Twitter user and radio jockey Lishna, the girl's name is Krishna and the horse, her own, is called 'Ramakrishna'. she posted a photo of the girl posing whit her white horse, just as Mahindra had requested. 


Others also posted videos of the girl, who is well known in the areas, from local Malayali news channels. 
This is not the first time Mahindra has been impressed by young and dedicated students in India. In 2018, when images of Hanan Hamidi, a Kerala girl who sold fish in the market to make ends meet and support her education, went viral, Mahindra helped her out by gifting her a Marazzo MPV vehicle. Hamidi now uses it as a food truck and continues to self-sustain her education.
Meanwhile, the horseback girl's video has been garnering a lot of positive responses from ordinary netizens as well, many of whom were impressed by the girl's perseverance and dedication. 
However, some pointed out that though the girl's feat was impressive, it was probably not the best idea to ride a horse at that speed on an asphalt road. Vehicular traffic is not only a threat to both animal and rider but hard, asphalt roads have a negative impact on a horse's hooves. 



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