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Find The Eiffel Tower & 6 More Wonders Of The World Right HERE In Delhi, Folks!

Delhi has a cool tourist attraction and it’s so awesomesauce that you defo have to check it out ASAP. If a world tour has been on your mind but you just can’t seem to get the funds and the time to plan it, fret not! The Waste To Wonder Park has brought all the Seven Wonders Of The World right here to the city. This is a great place for an outing with the fam or your besties. Here are all the cool facts about the sculptures at this park, so check it out!


1. The Statue Of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty at the Waste To Wonders Park is 32 feet tall and is made up angles from rickshaws, slides from children’s parks, benches and electric metal wires. The torch is made out of a bike rim, metal sheets and cycle chains, the book is made out of park benches and metal sheets and the hair of the statue is again, made out of cycle chains. An approx of 4 tonnes of scrap was used to make the statue and it took 90 days to complete it! The artists involved in the making of the structure are Mrunal Kahar and Zakir Khan.
2. The Taj Mahal
The magnificent Taj Mahal replica here is made out of 1,600 cycle rings, electric pole pipes, park benches, children’s swings, old utensils, nuts and bolts, truck & cupboard sheets. The 4 minaret tops are made out of cooking kadhais, the jaalis for doors and windows were taken out of benches! The amount of scrap used in the making of this monument is approx 16 tonnes and it took 130 days to complete the sculpture. The artists involved in the making are Rakesh Rana, Pijush Kanti Patra and Sandip Pisalkar.
3. The Eiffel Tower
You’ll certainly get mesmerised with the life-like Eiffel Tower here. This replica is 70 feet tall and it’s the only structure in which you can enter and enjoy the centre view from the inside. The material used in the making of the sculpture includes petrol tanks from trucks, automobile parts and clutch plates. It took 130 days to complete and approx 15 tonnes of scrap was used in its making. The artists involved are Sandip Pisalkar and Prem Kumar Vaishya.
4. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 39 feet tall and made out of cable wire wheels, automobile parts, metal sheets from trucks, and clutch plates. A total of 182 columns were used and the bell is made out of pipes. Just like the original, the sculpture has ground + 7 floors and a 86 degree tilt! It took 100 days to complete the sculpture and approx 9 tonnes of scrap was used in the making. The artists involved were Ram Kumar and Prem Kumar Vaishya.


5. The Great Pyramid Of Giza
The mysterious pyramids of Egypt can now be visited in the capital. The sculpture is a framework made of pipes and comprises of 110 layers of angles. The top part is made of scrap metal sheet from trucks and the sculpture’s height is 23 feet. It took 80 days to complete the project and approx 12 tonnes of scrap was used in the making by Pijush Kanti Patra and Prashant Pramanik.
6. Christ The Redeemer
The majestic Christ The Redeemer is made out of electric pipes, automobile scrap and bike chains. Metal cast and mould were used to give proper shape to the sculpture and then each detail was added using various scrap parts on the mould. The hair on the statue is made out of springs and cycle chains and the height of the sculpture is 25 feet. The artists involved in the making of the sculpture are Sandip Pisalkar, Shubham Pal and Rudra Thakar and it took 130 days to complete the process.
7. The Colosseum
Rome was not built in a day and neither was this Colosseum! It took 100 days to erect it in the Waste To Wonders Park and approx 11 tonnes of scrap was used. This sculpture has 162 pillars made out of slides, swings and seesaws & 410 car wheels were used to make the arch in each pillar. Also, gears, angles, electric poles and metal railings were used in the making of this project. The artist involved are Pijush Kanti Patra and Prashant Pramanik.
The entry ticket is priced at Rs 25 for children between the age group of 3-12 years and for adults, the entry fee is Rs 50. The ticket is free for kids below the age of 3 years and for senior citizens above the age of 65.
Now, this is one of those places that should not be missed out on. So head on over ASAP and visit the seven wonders of the world right here in the city!
Where | Waste To Wonders Park - Near Nizamuddin MS, Sarai Kale Khan
Timings | 11 AM - 11 PM (Closed on Mondays)
Entry | Rs 50 (For Adults) & Rs 25 (For Kids Aged Between 3-12 Years)



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