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Get Ready to ‘Cruise’ from Mumbai to Maldives This November!

If you too have you been waiting to step on a cruise for the journey of a lifetime, here’s a piece of golden news! November2019 will mark the beginning of a cruise service from Mumbai to the Maldives. The inclination of Indian travellers towards cruise vacations has been on a constant rise, thus leading to these developments. All hail ‘Costa Victoria’, the ship that will welcome 2400 travellers on board for the fantastical journey!



The journey begins in November 2019 and continues till March 2020. Itinerary options are available for a 7-nights’ stay from Mumbai to the Maldives, 7 nights for Maldives to Mumbai, a 4-night itinerary that will begin from Mumbai to Cochin (via Mangalore) and a 3-night package from Cochin to the Maldives.
This tour aims at making cruise journeys more accessible for Indian travellers. Moreover, to keep things simple and fast, this trip does not have visa requirements.
The luxury cruise will cater to the different tastes of different passengers with a wide variety of deluxe services and amenities. As per the sources, it will have the best-in-class meeting venues, a huge theatre, lavish lounges and amazing pool and bars. The food menu is quite likely to make the foodies go wild! Apart from hosting various international cuisines, it has been confirmed that vegetarian and Jain meals will be readily available on-board.


The bookings are now open and the seats are limited. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours today & share the experience with us!



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