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IIT-Delhi boys launch roll on for period pain relief on Women’s Day

Also called as women empowerment entrepreneurs, Archit Agarwal (20) and Harry Sehrawat (19), launched 'Sanfe stand and pee' product last year to save women from urinary tract infections (UTI).


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, two boys from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi launched ‘Sanfe period pain relief roll-on’ to relieve periods pain and ease out the mood swings faced by women during menstruation cycle. Sanfe is an essential oil-based natural formulation which can be applied on cramp-affected areas such as the lower abdomen, back and legs et al. It works on a heating-cooling sensation therapy. It first cools the skin then heats it and provides relief to muscle and resolves cramps. It comes in a 10 ml bottle which lasts up to three months and costs Rs 169.
The duo, Archit Agarwal (20) and Harry Sehrawat (19), also called as women empowerment entrepreneurs, created ‘Sanfe stand and pee’ product last year which allowed women to stand and urinate using a cup-like device and saving them from touching any dirty toilet. The idea of ‘Stand and pee’ came to them when their friend suffered from urinary tract infection (UTI) from using public washrooms.
The idea for their latest device, period-pain relief roll-on came to them when their classmate could not study for her exam due to high-intensity period pains. Talking to indianexpress.com, Agarwal said, “We talk about women empowerment but basic issues that stop women from getting a fair chance in life often gets neglected. During our research, we found that period of pain forces over 40 per cent of women to miss their daily routine.”
Both the entrepreneurs are pursuing BTech from IIT Delhi and are in their final year. Moving ahead too, they want to develop technology for ‘social change’.
As part of their research, the duo also conducted trials on women after ethical approval from AIIMS, New Delhi. The product now is FDA approved.
“The aim of the product was to create a natural, side-effect free solution to a natural problem,” said Aggarwal. “Thus, we took constant feedback. Earlier, women were sceptical that such a product would work but after a couple of trials many asked us for more testers to use for next cycles,” he adds. The product was tested on over 79 women and now is FDA approved.



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