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ISIS suspects held in Gujarat were about to attack Chamunda temple at Chotila "in a day or two"

Rajkot/Ahmedabad: The two siblings, who the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Gujarat Police asserted were home-developed psychological oppressors, were wanting to strike "in a day or two" at a sanctuary on a slope in Chotila in Surendranagar region, 55 km from Rajkot.

The duo had attempted to carry out a terror attack twice earlier.

Wasim Ramodiya and Naeem Ramodiya, who have MCA and BCA degrees separately, were captured on Saturday night.

Police said according to the underlying data, the denounced were get ready for a fear strike sanctuary at Chamunda temple where a great many aficionados visit day by day.

The ATS said 98 gm explosive, two face veils, battery utilized for making bombs and around twelve wicks made of jute string were seized from the denounced, aside from eight issues of Islamic State magazine "Dabik", accepted to be the association's mouthpiece.

Put away on two seized laptops and mobile phones were techniques to make explosive devices and guerrilla warfare - and additionally solitary wolf assault - strategies, the ATS stated, including that other "questionable writing" was discovered put away on the PCs.

ATS Deputy Superintendent of Police KK Patel stated: "Following up on particular data, the Gujarat ATS group grabbed the two presumed psychological militants with IS connections."

He said the two siblings were under ATS reconnaissance for the last one-and-half years after it was found that they were professedly in contact with the IS through Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Patel said police chose Saturday night to capture the two after they came to realize that they wanted to strike "in a day or two" at the Chotila sanctuary.

As per ATS ACP BS Chavda said that to make fear, the siblings wanted to record and transfer the video of the assault via web-based networking media. They had additionally wanted to complete impacts at better places and furthermore set ablaze vehicles to spread dread, Chavda said.

The twosome had tried to carry out terror attack earlier too. According to The Times of India, Wasim and Naeem prior endeavored to kill a man. Afterward, they tired to set on fire a vehicle.

It was after these unsuccessful endeavors that they had wanted to assault the Chamunda sanctuary at Chotila.

Additionally, the popular Somnath and Dwarkadhish sanctuaries in the Saurashtra district were on their radar and the blamed had effectively done a recce for the two well known Hindu journey spots.

Two groups of ATS captured Waseem from close Rajkot while Naeem was captured in Bhavnagar past midnight. The police said Waseem's better half too was included in the IS system.

A police official said Waseem had left reviews for Masters in Computer Applications course to "accomplish something significant for Islam".

He said the two siblings interacted with the IS in 2015, and held a few gatherings through Skype with an IS handler who was heard instructing Waseem in one regarding the sound recordings to gather no less than 400 gm black powder for a "noteworthy strike". Waseem professedly guaranteed to complete the guideline "as ahead of schedule as could be allowed".

The ATS said its operation started after a live bomb was identified in Khodiyarpara region in Rajkot on February 14. A test into the wrongdoing drove police to adjacent Morbi town. Data given by the proprietor of a shop from where a battery was gotten for the hazardous gadget additionally prompted to the Ramodiya siblings.

(With Agency inputs)

ISIS suspects held in Gujarat were about to attack Chamunda temple at Chotila "in a day or two"

ISIS suspects held in Gujarat were about to attack Chamunda temple at Chotila "in a day or two"



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