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Moment marketing: From ads on Yuvi’s retirement to Manforce’s Sunny Leone joke

Moment marketing is making brands easily discoverable


That brands nowadays are looking to capitalise on events and developments to reach out to consumers was apparent when popular cricketer Yuvraj Singh announced his retirement from international cricket on June 10.
The retirement, and the outpouring of emotion from the cricketer's fans, gave advertisers an opportunity to come up with creatives to seize the moment.
The Beauty Co, an online beauty shopping store, came up with a creative saying , “the only UV rays we love’. There was an Instagram post by juice brand Yoga Pulp that was reposted by the cricketer that said Aloe You Vera much, dobaara aisa yuva kahan milega?
And, it did not end with these. There were plenty more.
From the Jeep ad which said “the all-rounder, the one and only SUV (with UV highlighted in blue), to Swiggy’s amusing retirement wish that said “Happy retirement to the second most epic thing to come out of Punjab (after butter chicken of course)’.
Who can forget Amul that has been tailoring creatives to different news for decades now! This time, it played on the southpaw’s record sixes during the T20 World Cup in 2007 - ‘Sabke Chhakke Chhuda Diye… YU love it… VI love it”.
Some call this moment marketing, others topical communication.
Talking to Moneycontrol, Chirag Gander, co-founder – The Minimalist, explains what this new trend is all about.
“Moment marketing, on digital being more quick, frugal and iterative gives brands a huge advantage to show how provocative (in a positive way) they are. This strategy is helping brands in being more human and relatable in a world full of cluttered communication.”
He added that it was making brands easily discoverable and the organic engagement on a lot of moment marketing campaigns was 100 percent higher than regular brand posts.


“People go on digital media to stay relevant, the probability of you getting discovered increases if you talk to people in their language. Using the right hashtags definitely helps here. Another thing is, this makes brands more relatable and human. Good content on a regular basis can definitely keep your customer/potential customer engaged,” added Gander.
On the Lok Sabha election results day, when Arnab Goswami accidentally mentioned Sunny Leone’s name instead of Sunny Deol, Manforce did not let the opportunity go and came up with a creative which said, “Dear Arnab, we understand. She is always in our mind as well.”
Manforce, which got Leone on board as the brand ambassador in 2012, has been lauded for its spontaneity. And, this is where speed becomes crucial for marketers.
“Turnaround time is the most crucial thing here and when a certain news hits the market, you have less than a quarter of an hour before you can go live,” said Gander.
While some experts say that it is the association and the newness that is paramount, Gander thinks otherwise. For him, everything needs to go hand in hand.
While some experts say that it is the association and the newness that is paramount, Gander thinks otherwise. For him, everything needs to go hand in hand.
“Why can't it be all together? Creative, quick, aligning with the overall brand persona and being a part of the overall marketing strategy of the brand. Like Darwin said, it's about survival of the fittest. If you won't be relevant and quick, someone else is going to eat your lunch,” he said.
Through this strategy, brands do get a lot of quick and easy wins in terms of follower acquisition, said Gander.
However, some are doing this to remain in the public eye. It is the visibility that matters to brands, and sometimes not making sense is ignored. It looks like even brands have come in the entire wave of FOMO (fear of missing out).
According to Gander, opportune marketing “should only be done once the brand is clear about its positioning, overall personality, tone of voice and the bulls-eye target audience.”



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