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Terrible! Tantric sacrifices 14-yr-old girl rapes dead body in UP's Kannauj in return of gold to guardians

Kannauj: The Uttar Pradesh Police on Saturday captured a tantric who was on the pursued sexually assaulting and killing a 14-year-old girl in what has ended up being an instance of human give up.

The episode occurred in Bhadausi town of Kannauj locale recently, when denounced soothsayer cum educator Krishna Kumar Sharma took the girl into a corn field and assaulted her before killing the minor.

Giving insights about the wrongdoing, Kannauj Assistant Superintendent of Police Keshav Chandra Goswami told ANI, "The father of the girl, Mahaveer Prasad, reached the medium to look for his assistance in discovering gold covered in the premises of the previous' home. Police said he revealed to them that he exhorted Mahaveer and his significant other Pushpa (50) that in the event that they yielded their little girl they would get five kilos of covered gold inside hours of the custom."

The denounced consented to assist and welcomed the family to a nearby sanctuary, where he discussed a few petitions and afterward took the girl, who was semi-cognizant, to the field on the affection of finishing the custom. The young lady was stripped for the custom before the guardians. He at that point strangulated her as a piece of the custom and the dumped the body in an adjacent field.

While dumping the body of the girl, the tantric assaulted it as her folks stood close-by. After the wrongdoing, he at that point somewhat slice open the neck to gather the blood to be offered to the god.

The blamed made the guardians trust that the girl would recapture her awareness in some time and fled the scene.

The casualty's dad, Mahaveer Prasad (55), who is a gem dealer, at that point griped to the police against the tantric for hijacking his girl, Kavita.

The police recuperated the body on June 8 from the field and have sent it for posthumous. The young lady's folks have been arrested for addressing.

The ASP told the media that the casualties father could be included in the murder plot, however, the realities could be found out just once the examination is finished.

Terrible! Tantric sacrifices 14-yr-old girl rapes dead body in UP

Terrible! Tantric sacrifices 14-yr-old girl rapes dead body in UP's Kannauj in return of gold to guardians



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