Top 5 Places to Relish Street Food in Bangalore

Nothing speaks eating and living like a local than gorging on some delicious street food. India is the epitome of food and street food comes at the top of the chart. Likewise, in the southern part of India, the city of Bangalore is a haven for food lovers. It has numerous, eateries, bakeries, restaurants and pubs scattered all over the city which serve some of the most delicious food ever. 


Food is always a good idea and no better way to spend your weekend or that public holiday roaming around the city and sampling the best delicacies it has to offer. While restaurants have their own charm, nothing beats the taste of your corner chaat-wallah. Keeping this in mind, below mentioned are the top five places to relish street food in Bangalore. These make for perfect day outing ideas and is a great way for someone, locals and tourists alike, to get intimate with the city. 
1) Mosque Road – if you are ever in the mood to enter foodie heaven, then head to mosque road in Frazer town. This road is home to a number of food stalls and restaurants that serve some of the most delicious food you can find in the city. From kebabs, haleem, pather ghost to a large variety of desserts, everything can be found here. This road doubles with food items during the month of Ramzan where special stalls are set up selling various items. Along with the options in food, the crowd also tends to increase in manifolds. If you are ever in the mood for some biryani, this is your place to go to. 
2) Hari’s Super Sandwich – this quaint shop in Jayanagar serves the best sandwiches and chats in town. If carbs and chocolate are your favourites, then the famous chocolate sandwich is going to melt your heart. Known as the star dish of this eatery, it attracts customers from far and wide. The nearby lassi shop will help you quench your thirst and wash down a sandwich or two!
3) Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – located in Basavanagudi, this tiny eatery has won the hearts of every person that has visited it. To be hailed as the best South Indian joint in a city that has innumerable such places serving the same food, means something extraordinary. For anyone looking to satiate their craving of idlis and vadas, this is the place to go to. With as little as five items on the menu, Brahmin’s manages to hit the ball out of the park, every single time. 
4) Shivaji Nagar – for all the carnivores out there, shivajinagar is your calling. Lined with stalls selling various types of meat items, it will leave you spoilt for choice. From kebabs, to tikkas to samosas this place has everything meat. To end the meal on the sweet note, you can even gorge on some caramel custard or sip on Suleimani tea. 
5) VV Puram Food Street – also known as Eat Street or ThindiBeedi, this is another famous destination for some delicious street food. For all the vegetarian lovers, this place serves some of the best pavbhaji, dosas and chaats. For a more traditional meal there is gulkand and dal holige on offer. Like every street food, the food here is a bit oily but completely worth it! And calories do not count on holidays and weekends right?
The fact that each of these places is extremely economical makes them a complete winner. Also, the best part is that each of these places has been around for years which means they have been tried and tested and have passed the test of time. If you ever feel you want to get to know your city better or if you have friends and relatives visiting from out of town, then visiting these street food places makes for the perfect one day outing in Bangalore. In case you are visiting Bangalore and have no friends, family or relative to take you around, then this guide will be your best friend in getting to taste the city better. Once you have had a bite, you will keep wanting more!



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