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Yogi's 'Code of Conduct': UP ministers have to follow these STRICT rules

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is going all out to ensure that his government functions in a transparent and effective manner.

Sources have told Zee News that CM Yogi has formulated a 'Code of Conduct' for ministers in the UP cabinet.

The rules that the ministers are expected to follow are as follows:

  • Ministers will have to reveal whether they have a partnership with any company.
  • Furnish their occupation and income prior to taking oath as a minister.
  • Reveal details of their relatives – if any - who have got government contracts.
  • They cannot do any business that can be influenced by their status as ministers.
  • Ministers should avoid pomp and pageantry.
  • Any gift worth Rs 5000 or more should be submitted to the state treasury
  • Ministers should stay in circuit houses while on official tours

Earlier, the Chief Minister had asked ministers to reveal details about their assets/income within 15 days. The deadline ends tomorrow.

And even as some ministers are yet to furnish the details, CM Yogi has now handed them the 'Code of Conduct'.

Clearly, the CM appears committed to avoiding any taint of corruption on his government.

The Yogi government has been working at full steam ever since it assumed power on March 19. From the crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses to farm loan waiver, the government has been on an overdrive to change the face of the state.

The third meeting of the Yogi cabinet is scheduled for today. A transparent policy on transfer of government employees and formulating a clear e-tendering process are said to be on the agenda of the meet.



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