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Signs of inauspicious Ketu in Laal Kitaab


Ketu is considered the tail of a demon in Vedic astrology. It gives results similar to Mars. Ketu gives auspicious results when Mars is strong in a horoscope. It is believed that an afflicted Ketu brings more suffering than a malefic Mars. It gives a sense of detachment and the person wanders aimlessly in life. Ketu governs occult studies and illegal actions. It is a planet of salvation and the person under its influence develops deep religious faith.
In this webcast, we will discuss the signs of inauspicious Ketu according to Lal Kitab and the remedies for it.
Signs of inauspicious Ketu according to Laal Kitaab
Ketu is inauspicious if the nails of the toes break or fall frequently.
Inauspicious Ketu gives a lot of sufferings and pain. The person with an inauspicious Ketu in his Kundali lives a stressful life.
A weak Ketu leads to financial losses and also the loss of business opportunities.
Loss of father’s and husband’s wealth is a clear sign of an inauspicious Ketu.
Diseases like urinary tract infections or joint pains are caused by the negative effect of an inauspicious Ketu.
The signs of an inauspicious Ketu can be studied through feet. The person has to suffer from repeated injuries and diseases related to feet when Ketu is inauspicious.
Ketu leads to failure at work even after putting lots of efforts and hard-work.
It gets difficult to diagnose diseases in initial stage due to the negative influence of Ketu.
Inauspicious effects of Ketu increases stress level in a person and hence creates an unpleasant atmosphere.
Negative influence of Ketu can bring drastic changes in the appearence of a person. His face and teeth might grow longer with time.
The person misuses his authority and tends to humiliate his subordinates. He uses his freedom and authority to torture less privileged people.
Diseases related to spinal cord and bones is due to ill effects of an inauspicious Ketu. The person gets frequent injuries on hands and feet.
The child of the person with inauspicious Ketu often remains ill and might get involved in wrong deeds leading to a lot of sufferings.
Remedies to turn inauspicious Ketu into auspicious one
The negative effects of inauspicious Ketu can be reduced by feeding jaggery to a monkey.
The native with malefic Ketu in his Kundali should donate white and black coloured blanket in temples.
The inauspicious effects of Ketu can also be reduced by wearing silver ring or white thread in the both the thumbs of a feet.
The native should maintain a good character and behaviour to get benefic results of Ketu.


He should visit a temple regularly and indulge his mind into religious works.
A person can get relief from the ill-effects of an inauspicious Ketu by wearing an ornament of gold in ears.
Serving old people with dedication increases auspicious results of Ketu.
Set afloat jaggery in water as it pacifies Ketu and reduces its ill-effects.
Maintaining good relations with siblings helps in reducing inauspicious of Ketu.
Feeding a black dog daily or keeping a black dog at home is one of the most effective remedy to pacify Ketu.
Set afloat milk, rice, fennel seeds and sugar into the river since this also reduces negative effects of Rahu.
Serving father or grandfather and performing Pitra shraadh can also strengthen a weak Rahu.
Respect women and seek blessings of girl child to reduce inauspicious effects of Ketu.
Wear gold ring in the left hand to turn an inauspicious Ketu into auspicious one.
Ketu gives auspicious results by drinking milk with saffron.
Keep a silver bowl filled with honey at home to reduce the ill-effects of Ketu.
Do not humiliate anyone, speak softly and respectfully and maintain good character to pacify Ketu.




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