Lal kitab remedies for Rahu - Lal kitab totke for ashubh Rahu

Signs of inauspicious Rahu according to Laal Kitaab


Signs of inauspicious Rahu according to Laal Kitaab
Rahu is considered a natural malefic and a shadow planet in Vedic astrology. It is also known as the planet of separation. Rahu does not have any physical existence and hence is believed to be a shadow or a dot. It has been considered a planet since it has a significant effect on a person’s life.
Rahu makes a person disinterested in spirituality and religious activities. Thus, a person with an afflicted Rahu feels disconnected from religious beliefs and practices. Such a person does not like to follow family’s customs and traditions. Rahu is said to exist in poisonous chemicals and puts a great impact on the work related to poisonous substances. Since Rahu is not associated with any sign, it gives results according to the house or lord of the house in which it is situated.
Signs of inauspicious Rahu according to Laal Kitaab
An individual develops a tendency to tell lies on small issues due to the effect of an inauspicious Rahu.
A person also feels superior and tries to humiliate others and also loses interest in spiritual things.
He may lose interest in religious or spiritual activities because of a weak Rahu since Rahu governs the house of religion and spirituality.
One might get betrayal from friends and unfaithful friends due to the influence of a weak Rahu. He might also not get any kind of cooperation from his friends and siblings when needed.
With the effect of Rahu, one can hypnn otize the other person by destroying his ability to differentiate between right and wrong.
Inauspicious Rahu increases mental stress and excitement in a person. One should not think too much about small things and should take everything lightly to avoid this situation.
The person spends his money in betting and gambling as a result of inauspicious Rahu and he also gets inclined towards earning money from illegal sources.
An inauspicious Rahu gives blood related problems and infections as it is the Karak of these ailments.
Conflicts with father due to differences in thoughts are also a result of an inauspicious Rahu. Similarly, the person might not be able to establish compatibility with the spouse.
If Rahu is inauspicious in a Kundali, then the person gets involved in bad habits like consuming alcohol, meat etc. He also gets inclined towards illegal activities.
A person with an inauspicious Rahu adopts manipulative approach to achieve success in his goals.


Rahu likes to live alone. Therefore, it feels bounded when he has to follow social customs. Because of this reason, a person may feel detached from the society and might not get happiness in his married life when Rahu is weak.
Due to the negative effects of inauspicious Rahu, the person becomes suspicious in nature and raises doubts in everything.
Rahu affects the mental state of the person and fills him with confusions and doubts. Such a person might become mentally unstable.
Rahu should not be considered an inauspicious planet always since its results depend upon its position in a Kundali. The results of Rahu depend on the Kundali of the native.
Remedies to turn inauspicious Rahu into auspicious one
To pacify the ill-effects of inauspicious Rahu you should wear a silver chain in your neck or carry anything made of silver with you.
Set afloat barley washed with milk in flowing water to increase the auspicious results of Rahu.
You can also keep fennel seeds beside your pillow to get the benefits of an auspicious Rahu.
To decrease the ill-effects of inauspicious Rahu, you can also donate jaggery, wheat and copper according to your capability.
The results of an auspicious Rahu also increase if you take bath with ganga water and sprinkle it in your home from time to time to maintain the purity of your house.
Set afloat an elephant made of silver in a silver bowl filled with water or milk in flowing water to get relief from the negative effects of an inauspicious Rahu.
To get benefits of auspicious Rahu you should eat food only in the kitchen.
You should always speak softly to others with respect and serve your mother to get benefits of an auspicious Rahu.
Feed a black dog and avoid taking meat, eggs or alcohol. Also, avoid the use of drugs or any other habit forming substance.
Offer almonds in the temple, keep half of them at home and set afloat the rest of them in flowing water after some time to reduce the negative effects of inauspicious Rahu.
You should be involved in religious activities and should avoid doing wrong deeds for anyone to get relief from the ill-effects of an inauspicious Rahu.
An inauspicious Rahu becomes auspicious when you earn money through a legal ways. Wear chain, ring or bracelet made of iron and visit a temple regularly.Avoid taking addictive things like alcohol or drugs.



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