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Navratri 2017 day eight: How to worship MahaGauri, the deity who defeats evil forces.
Hindustan Times

Devotees worship the goddess as Maha Gauri on the eighth day of Navratri. With three eyes, four hands, and a fair complexion, MahaGauri is believed to defeat all evil forces of the universe. She holds a damru and a trident in her two hands while the other two hands are held in postures of ‘abhay’ and “varad” — blessing devotees with fearlessness and well-being.
Different regions of the country have different ways of worshipping the goddess and performing the rituals. Here, we talk about the traditions that originated near Varanasi.
How to worship Ma Maha Gauri: Diya, jasmine flowers and perfume are offered to the goddess. Chant “Shwete Vrishe samaarudha, Shwetambardhara shuchih MahaGauri shubham Dadyanmahadevpramodada”. Devotees also recite the Durga Saptashati after offering the puja.
Kanya pooja: Some devotees also observe kanya poojan on Ashtami. Young girls are invited (at least nine) and devotees worship these girls as forms of the goddess. They are offered clothes, fruits, money, and a meal prepared in desi ghee.
Best time for the puja: The best time for puja on Thursday is between 8:20am and 5:27pm.


Mythological story around Maha Gauri Mata: It is believed that Goddess Parvati performed tapa for a long time and the abstinence made her complexion go dark. However, when lord Shiva appeared before her, she turned fair. She rides a bull
What to eat and wear: White and yellow are Maha Gauri Devi’s favourite colours, so devotees should eat white or yellow-coloured food and wear clothes in these colours.



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