• Medicine with awareness has better effect for sick body.
• Hard-work with awareness has a better effect for financial growth.


• Continuous learning with awareness has better effect for mind.
• Unlearning and Observation (learning) with awareness has better effect for soul.
• Awareness of food has better effect on body.
• Awareness of body has better effect on mind.
• Awareness of mind has best effect on soul.


So AATMIC AWARENESS or BEING ONE is essential for personal and spiritual growth. Until the awareness will not enter our lives, nothing will change. Remember! Everything is 'AS IS' in this universe, minds have changed (so called evolved), bodies have changed and hearts have changed. Real change is only experienced by those whose hearts have changed. Their hearts are able to see, feel, touch, hear and now Divinity everywhere. BE THAT change to see the truth. Truth has no destination,all paths ends within, so inside first always. Awareness is inside work. ~ Sri Satishji
Inside First. Stay Aatmic Aware. Stay Blessed.



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