Remedies for Debt Removal or Loan Repayment

Are you always in some kind of debt? Do you find difficulty in repaying your loan despite your best efforts? Is your debt causing problems in your routine life? There are several reasons that can be attributed to the problems in paying back debts. The main ones can be revealed by a reading of your birth chart or Janam Kundali. There are numerous astrological combinations in one’s horoscope that can cause difficulty in debt-related issues. The following astrological remedies can assist you in repaying your debt and can even help improve your financial condition if followed diligently.


Worship Lord Sun 
Worshipping the Sun can alleviate many of your problems, including your debt issues. Sun is the planet of respect and success, and worshipping him daily can help you overcome your problems. To get rid of your loan problems, offer water to the rising sun daily. Place 11 seeds of red chilli in water and offer it to Sun while praying.
‘Om Adityaya Namah’
Pray to Lord Sun for his blessings to get rid of your debt problems.
Plant Banana Tree in Lord Vishnu’s Temple
Plant a banana tree, preferably two banana trees (male and female), in Lord Vishnu’s temple. Water it daily and take care of it. As soon as the tree starts bearing fruit, your loan will start reducing around the same time. Do not eat any of these fruits, but donate them to the poor and the needy.
Wear Suitable Gemstone
Sometimes a weak planet can trigger debt problems. Consult an Astrologer to find the gemstone that will be suitable for you according to your birth chart. Wear a gemstone to nullify the effect of a weak planet and you will see the tide turn in your favour within no time.
Recite Shri Suktam
On Thursdays of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon), recite Shri Suktam (preferably at 12 am). Put Chandan (sandalwood) and Kesar (saffron) on your forehead while doing this Path. This remedy is quite effective in resolving one’s debt problems.
Feed A Black Dog
Every Saturday, feed a chapati smeared with oil to a black dog. Also, you can fill a coconut with jaggery and bury it under a peepal tree to end your monetary problems.
Pray to Lord Hanuman
This is a stringent, but a highly effective remedy. One should recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times daily for 40 days. You can also take the help of your family members for the same. Also, the person concerned should observe the tenets of Brahmacharya life during this time. Keep your house tidy and avoid eating garlic, onion or non-vegetarian food during these 40 days. After its completion, offer Chole and Halwa to any Hanuman temple on a Tuesday for maximum benefit.
Plant Ashoka Tree
Plant an Ashoka tree, preferably in your home, and water it daily.


Keep Your Home/Office Clean
Make sure you keep your home and office clean and tidy. The roof of your home should not be cluttered or strewn with debris. It can help curb any unexpected expense.
Water A Peepal Tree
An effective remedy to do away with all your loans is to water a peepal tree on 6 Saturdays. But there’s a catch! Only water brought from a cemetery well can be used to accomplish this ritual.
Donate Food on Fridays
Donate food and clothes to the poor and needy every Friday. Do it for 5 consecutive Fridays for effective results.
Keep A Branch Of Tamarind Tree In Your Safe
Take a small branch of Tamarind plant and keep it in your safe, locker or cupboard – wherever you keep your money. It will increase your earnings and reduce your expenses.
For more specific remedies based on your birth chart and other information, you can Talk to Astrologer. Consult now and get instant and effective solutions and remedies for your debt or money-related problems.



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