Lal kitab remedies for unlucky moon

Signs of an inauspicious Moon and remedies according to Lal Kitab


Out of all the remedies provided for the inauspicious effects of planets, the remedies mentioned in Lal Kitab are the easiest and most effective. Lal Kitab has always been popular due to these remedies.
Lal Kitab explains the various signs or indications that an inauspicious or weak Moon shows. A person lacks compassion and sympathy when Moon is inauspicious. In this webcast, we will talk about similar signs of an auspicious and inauspicious Moon according to Lal Kitab and the remedies.
Signs of an inauspicious Moon according to Lal Kitab
A weak Moon can give rise to a lot of health problems. You may suffer from lung problems or epilepsy when Moon is weak.
You might be mentally stressed or tensed over petty issues during this period. Avoid thinking too much about small things.
Moon is the Karak planet of mother. Therefore, an inauspicious Moon can create health problems for your mother.
If you are unable to receive some good education even after a lot of efforts, it is possible that Moon is weak in your Kundali.
The bad health of a pet animal is also the sign of a weak Moon. You might also be inclined toward alcohol or drugs during this period.
An inauspicious Moon also results in problems caused by your children. These problems can be any kind.
You may disrespect women or even your own mother due to the influence of an inauspicious Moon.
A medicine might not give positive results in your illness when Moon is weak or inauspicious in your Kundali.


Remedies for an inauspicious Moon
You should worship lord Shiva and should offer him milk to strengthen Moon. Do not sell milk in order to minimize the inauspicious effects of Moon.
You should also keep rice and silver with you. This will minimize the inauspicious effects of Moon.
In order to get auspicious results, you should keep a glass of water beside your bed for 40 nights. Pour this water into a flower pot in the morning.
Respecting elders and taking their blessings also gives good results.
Wear a silver ring with a pearl to strengthen Moon. Start wearing it from a Monday.
You should respect and love your mother. This will also give favourable results.
Collecting some rain water in a utensil and keeping it at your home will relieve your mental tensions and stress.
Bury a silver coin in the foundation of your house once it is laid.
Set afloat rice and sugar crystals tied in a cloth in flowing water on a Monday.
You should always drink some water before starting any new auspicious work.



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