All That Glitters Is Kiara Advani In Gold. See Her 24-Karat Birthday Look
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Kiara Advani dazzles in a golden dress


If there's a Bollywood actress who has been getting quite the attention of lately, it is Kiara Advani. Her brilliant performance in the recent Netflix film called Lust Stories has put her in the radar of most promising actresses in B-town. But it's not just her acting skills that has her fans loving her. Kiara's chic fashion choices are on point too. Every time she makes an appearance in B-town, she does so in the most stylish way and dazzles one and all.
With everything going right for her, Kiara of course has all the reasons to celebrate. So to ring in her 26th birthday on July 31, she threw a lavish party last evening for her celebrity friends in Mumbai. Here too, she didn't miss the opportunity to steal all attention by looking her stylish best in a stunning gold dress by Herve Leger.
When it comes to glamming up, a favourite pick is often gold. Afterall, a party dress with the dazzle of gold is hard to go wrong with. Kiara's gold bodycon dress with spaghetti straps added all the glitz and glamour to her look and flaunted her perfect curves. Yes, she is very dedicated to fitness too. Kiara teamed her dress with a pair of gold peep toe heels and a metallic gold bracelet, and let her hair loose while opting for a dewy makeup.
It's not the first time when Kiara has impressed us in gold. Remember her glamorous look during Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta's engagement party? Kiara had worn an Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla lehenga that had intricate floral motif in gold all over the skirt, and she had teamed it with a stylish choli with cut-out patterns. Kiara had rocked her gold look and looked like a goddess, with red lipstick to go along.
On Kiara's special day, we wish her all the happiness, and hope to see her in more stylish looks in the coming year.




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