What is The Spirit?

Although we have made tremendous progress, so far as the objective world is concerned, we are much behind when it comes to the subject of life. Spirit, spiritual, spiritualism, and spirituality are loosely used words since its actual in-depth understanding still lags behind. We need to apprehend that the essence of spirituality lies in its knowledge and experiencing and not by following any rituals, cultural or sects.


The word ‘spirit’ has multiple meanings and is commonly referred to as the immaterial aspect of our being. Spirit is that absolute cosmic aware energy manifested within the superconscious level of the mind. It is the presence of that ‘You', which is already aware and cannot be made further aware. It functions as that Witnessing self within the mind, in order to make the mind aware and conscious to experience and realize, what life is all about?
Consciousness is that separated wave of individual energy, which arises from the ocean of the Universal Spirit. It appears and disappears along with the body and mind and what remains after death is only that infinite expanse of a unified ultimate spirit.
In spirituality, we have on one end the impersonal spirit representing as the ‘Witnessing Self’, and on the other, we have the unconscious mind behaving in duality as the ego-self, recklessly moving in a vicious cycle of happiness and sadness.
It is for this reason; the witnessing spirit is essential to check the mind from its random chattering.
Always keep in mind that you are a spiritual being going through a human experience. It is that spirit within, which makes your mind aware and conscious of your own personality and the environment. We need to awaken to this fact, we are more than body and mind; the spirit is the being of ‘who’ you are and consciousness is that becoming of ‘what’ you are.
Therefore, spirit is the one and only eternal absolute energy existing in this Universe called as ‘Brahman’ In its absolute state, it is dormant and empty comprising in waves of dark energy. However, after manifesting in matter and consciousness, it becomes active, awake and aware to experience dualities of life.


All concepts of god, soul, reincarnation consciousness, creator or creation come forth to create a want or fear for something in the future. On its own awareness is that witnessing spirit composed of nothing. However, from this nothingness materializes something, which is everything to us with cause and effect, to return back into its ‘Shunyata’. It is this understanding of nothingness, which removes all supernatural concepts from the mind.
Consciousness or soul after becoming aware attaches to mind in duality. It experiences and evolves from our personal self. However, while existing in body and mind it can never realize total enlightenment. The reason being in Self-Realization there is no existence of ‘you’, but just the presence of this eternal Universal aware energy referred to as the actual "You' - the spirit.



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