ISKCON aims to promote spiritual tourism in Ganga Sagar

The West Bengal government has promised all help to the project, it said.


Kolkata: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is planning to promote spiritual tourism at the Sagar Islands in West Bengal and would take up several projects in the area for which West Bengal has promised help.
As part of the ISKCON plan a Vedic Centre for Culture and Education, a world-class park, community hall, light and sound exhibition to attract the visitors to Sagar Islands, which attracts lakhs of pilgrims during holy 'Makarsankranti' on January 14-15 every year, an ISKCON statement said.
The West Bengal government has promised all help to the project, it said.
An NRI has also expressed the wish to contribute to the projects at Gangasagar, it added.
ISKCON has set up a large camp at the Ganga Sagar fair ground which will be operational from January 11 to 16 to house pilgrims from the country and abroad.
During the Mela ISKCON's Sewa camp aims to distribute one lakh plates of 'prasadam' to the pilgrims, Sundar Govind Das, the in charge of Food for Life programme run by ISKCON, Mayapur, said.
It will also provide free medical aid by doctors of a private super-speciality hospital and distribute blankets among the pilgrims, he added.



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