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London: Baloch protest outside Pakistan embassy against activist's abduction

London: Resenting Pakistan monstrosities against the Baloch individuals, a dissent was organized outside the Pakistan Embassy here on Sunday against extremist Zahid Baloch`s extrajudicial snatching. 
Conveying different publications expressing `Baloch understudies are missing`, `release stole Baloch women`, the nonconformists were seen droning trademarks, for example, `stop Baloch genocide`. 
Zahid Baloch is ex-chairman of the Baloch Student Organization (Azad) (BSO). 
He was kidnapped on March 18, 2014, in the premises of Balochistan University. 
Prior on March 15 this year, equipped men seized Balochistan Higher Education Secretary Abdullah Jan from Pakistan`s Quetta. 
Refering to police sources, the Dawn detailed that unidentified shooters got the authority from Quetta`s Sabzal Road region when he was headed to work. 
Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri considered the abducting and guided the Inspector General of Police to guarantee his prompt recuperation. 
An inquiry operation was propelled in different parts of Quetta to recuperate the Secretary.

London: Baloch protest outside Pakistan embassy against activist

London: Baloch protest outside Pakistan embassy against activist's abduction




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