This Viral Hack Shows You How To Get Rid Of Creases From Sports Shoes In 3 Simple Steps
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The method apparently works on all shoes that are made of leather.


Creases are inevitable with any pair of sports shoes, especially if they're made of leather
Unless you never take them out of the box, these heartbreaking "wrinkles" will no doubt appear on your favourite pair of trainers every time your walk or run with them. It's especially painful if you spent quite a lot of $$$ on them too. 
Well, this life-changing hack may just be the solution.
In a thread that has gone viral on Twitter, YouTuber Shantel Dé Bonsu shared a simple three-step hack to remove those unwanted creases from the top of your trainers.
According to Shantel, you'll only need four things that can easily be found around the house:
Socks, old clothes, or tissue paper; 
- A small towel or cloth; 
- Hot water; and 
- An iron. 
Now, on to STEP 1: Stuff each shoe with the socks, old clothes, and/or tissue paper until the top of your shoe does not move when you press down on it
STEP 2: Wet your small towel or cloth with hot water, then squeeze the water out so it's damp. Place it on top of the crease.
STEP 3: Iron the towel or cloth until the crease gradually disappears. To be safe, turn the iron down to its lowest setting and make sure to lift the iron up every few seconds, or you might burn your shoe.


It's gonna take quite a bit of time and effort to iron out the creases, so hang in there! 
Et voilà! Trainers that look as fresh and new as the day you bought them!
In case you're wondering if the hack actually works as well as advertised, Shantel also shared some responses from people who tried it on their own shoes in the thread:
Thinking of trying out? Here's a video of Shantel trying out the hack on her off-white Air Force 1s:



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