Top 10 Best Earphones under 1000 – Comparison & Review

Earphones or headphones are small wearable devices worn on the ear to receive electric signal in the form of sound. It is used with radios, MP3 players or telecommunication purposes. First of all it was manufactured by Branded in 1919, were kind of moving drivers.

Top 10 Best Earphones under 1000 – Comparison & Review

#001 Skullcandy Ink’d2 S21KDY-010 4.9/5 Latest Price
#002 Brainwavz Omega In Ear Earbuds 4.9/5 Latest Price
#003 Probuds BT Stereo Wireless Earphone 4.9/5 Latest Price
#004 Acid Eye S 460 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 4.8/5 Latest Price
#005 LeEco LePDH401IN CDLA Wired Headphones 4.8/5 Latest Price
#006 JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic 4.7/5 Latest Price
#007 Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone 4.7/5 Latest Price
#008 JBL C150SI In-ear earphone 4.7/5 Latest Price
#009 OnePlus Bullets V2 Earphones 4.6/5 Latest Price
#010 JBL T110 In Ear Headphones Black 4.6/5 Latest Price
Earphones are a vital part of our lives these days. You need them all the time, whether you are working out or traveling or if you need to keep motivated at your workplace. Sometimes earphones are used just to distract you from environment noise. Good music and good kind of aura is a great tool to increase your productivity. It is a tough job to find great earphones under 1000. And if you want to search earphones with mic under 1000 it is a bit trickier.

#1 Skullcandy Ink’d2 S21KDY-010 In ear Headphone with Mic

This popular brand has left an undisputed mark on critics and believers alike. It has re-tuned, re-shaped and re-produced itself for true fans. This in-the ear design has a wired 3.5 mm single pin jack and comes with one-year warranty. This earphone comes with mic, best earphone under 1000 with mic.

Overview: These earphones provide supreme sound acoustics and a noise isolating fit. This Ink’d 2 model is a remix worth hearing for yourself. Two silicone gel earbud sleeved are known for perfect fit. It provides passive noise isolation. The in-ear design of the product allows for passive noise isolation. The 11 millimeters drivers with neodymium magnets provide full range sound. It gives you excellent sound performance.

Design: These earphones come in attractive black and red color. These are lightweight and easy to carry. The total weight of this product is 9g.

Wired:  The 1.3 m nylon braided cable is tangle-free. The main advantage of using wired earphones is that there is no need of replacing batteries or charging it over time.

Calls: It can track and record call via the in-line microphone and remote through a single push button. You can pause, play music with ease and attend your important calls.

Compatibility: It is compatible with all smartphones, TV, Tablets, Laptops and iPads.

#2 Brainwavz Omega In Ear Earbuds Noise Isolating Earbuds

Brainwavz Omega In Ear EarbudsBrainwavz is a globally known brand and continues to provide the best quality at a very economical price. The company has a simple mission to produce high quality audio products with a real sound quality. Brainwavz tailor-made the sound with deep personal experience to match personal inclinations and to inspire with intensity.

Overview: The casing of this product is half and metal and half plastic with a distinctive look but the product is comparatively lighter.

Design: The brainwavz omega earphone with a sleek design, is made out of steel that sits comfortably in the ear.  This sharp and crisp looks with high definition audio playback is perfect for audio and fashion savvy. The unique style boasts appeal.

Wired: The Omega has 1.2 m Y-shaped cord with a slider which keeps it untangled. We realize this untangling property in our day to day lives as well.

Calls: It comes with a universal 3-button mic or remote for making calls and audio playback. A comfy set of comply foam tips is also included and that is complimentary.

Compatibility:  This product is known to offer great audio quality with smartphones, Laptops, Tv and tabs.

Probuds BT Stereo Wireless EarphoneThis little guy is known to serve a very satisfying experience in all aspects. The voice quality is superb, the wireless Bluetooth connection is awesome and it makes you forget the tangling thing.

Overview: The best feature of the product is that it gives you freedom from tangled wires while in gym, running, walking or biking. It is a Bluetooth stereo headset with passive noise reduction function. It reduces 30% peripheral environment noise and makes your experience quiet, auspicious and comfortable under any circumstances.

Design: This elegant and sophisticated designed product comes in red and black color. The weight of this product is 15 g. The double-sided cable product comes with two pairs of extra earbuds. The ear cushions are made up of rubber.

Wireless:  This wireless product can be connected with Bluetooth and sustains multi point connectivity. It definitely provides you with an ultimate music experience. It offers an uninterrupted service for whole 1o hours.

Calls: Calls can be made at Bluetooth mode. There is built in microphone in the product for clear voice quality and supports much more.

Compatibility: It supports any cellular telephone and other Bluetooth equipments.

#4 Acid Eye S 460 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Over

Acid Eye S460 Wireless BluetoothThis legendary product has brought sound to a new standard. Enjoy the best sound, comfort and freedom from carrying and tangling wire with acid eyes Headphone. It is one of the best headphone in india.

Overview: Now you can dance alone or along with your partner with this incredible sound provider. The sculpted ear cushions make it more comfortable. It can also detect FM signals.

Design: This over the head designed product comes in various colors. So you can choose the trendy color of your choice. The headphones are ergonomically designed to fit the unique contour of your ears. The comfort it provides is unprecedented.

Wireless: This wireless 4.1 bluetooth device gives you freedom upto the range of 30 ft. the battery life is enormous and it can go for 12 hours in one shot. The battery is rechargeable. It can be connected to USB devices.

Calls: You can take hands free calls with built in mic. The sound quality is superior.

Compatibility:  Works best with all Bluetooth enabled devices.

#5 LeEco LePDH401IN CDLA Wired Headphones

LeEco LePDH401INThis is the first revolutionary world’s first CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) standard headphones. In this headphone. The standard 3.5 mm audio jack is replaced with a Type C Port.

Overview: This genuine approach Delivers CDLA sound from beginning to end.

Design: This earbud designed headphone comes in white color and gives a sophisticated look.

 Wired: This is a wired product with no Bluetooth connectivity. The wire tangling is a rare case.

Calls: With incredible sound quality of mic you can make unlimited calls.

Compatibility: This is a major drawback but the earphones are compatible with LeEco phones only.

Conclusion: All these best earphones are available under 1000 in India on different retail counters or online shopping websites. You can choose best as per your requirement and personality. We bring you collection of cheap earphones and headphones as well. Do check them as per your needs, and buy online and start enjoying music while you are working.

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