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If you’re looking for a new men’s watch, the sheer volume of brands out there can be overwhelming. So which ones actually matter? Here's 2021 Watch Guide ...

1 month ago . 247 views

Astringent Toners: The Desi Parlour Staple Which Could Be Ruining Your Skin

After every threading session or during every “cleanup,” you might have noticed your aesthetician—also known as your friendly neighbourhood parlour didi...

1 year ago . 255 views

Prada's Yellow Sweater With Holes Reminds Twitter Of Swiss Cheese

The fashion item that has got a section of the Internet talking is part of Prada's Spring Summer/2021 collection.

1 month ago . 54 views

10 Rare and Beautiful Birds
3 years ago . 1K views

Priyanka Chopra Owning Her Dusky Skin Abroad Exposes Bollywood's Colourism

You could be Miss World but in India, if you aren’t light-skinned, the public is quick to dismiss your beauty. This is exactly what happened with Priyanka Chopra. H...

1 year ago . 347 views

Best Smartwatch 2021: Top Picks to Keep You Fit and Connected

It has taken a while, but the latest generation of smartwatches are intelligent, powerful and—most importantly—a solid value. There was a time when it was har...

2 weeks ago . 64 views

7 Outdated Makeup Rules You Must Avoid

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yes the statement sounds too good. But if looking pretty makes you confident and feel good about yourself, then why not put extra...

10 months ago . 121 views

Top 5 Best Car Charger in India
2 years ago . 530 views

Watch: Brave Forest Officer Gives Water To A Thirsty Cobra Who Does Not Turn Down The Offer

The sight of a cobra can leave even the bravest of people scared out of their wits. For some, even the thought of encountering one can leave them feeling extremely fearfu...

9 months ago . 98 views

Your Hair Is An Extension Of Your Crown Chakra

You know how a good hair day — a really, genuinely good hair day — has the ability to make you feel more alive, more connected to the world, more you? It&rsqu...

9 months ago . 112 views

The Diamond-Shaped Patch On Your Backpack Has A Purpose You Probably Didn't Know About

Like that tiny pocket on your jeans, the leather diamond-shaped patch found on your Herschel Supply backpack is not just there for decorative purposes

1 month ago . 47 views

Best Phones Under Rs. 15,000 With 18:9 Displays
2 years ago . 501 views

This Viral Hack Shows You How To Get Rid Of Creases From Sports Shoes In 3 Simple Steps

The method apparently works on all shoes that are made of leather.

1 month ago . 79 views

Complete Your Wintertime Netflix Nook With These 7 Cozy Throw Blankets

When the temperature dips, the layers begin to pile up. Suddenly, there's no place we'd rather be than curled up on the couch with all of our cozy accoutrements w...

1 month ago . 162 views

How fraud and drug binges helped create a multibillion-dollar shoe brand

Steve Madden on his conviction, prison time, recovery from drug addiction and building his global company

1 month ago . 50 views

Best Headphone Stands/Holder and Cases That Looks Amazing
2 years ago . 464 views

How The Great Indian Kitchen represents invisible female labour

The Great Indian Kitchen has the arc of an inspirational story where the inherent reward resides in watching an individual break free from all the odds stacked against th...

1 month ago . 52 views

Do Celebrities Own ALL The Clothes They Wear? Here's The Truth

It’s common to feel like celebrities have all the clothes in the world, but how much truth is in that statement? Today’s the day you find out. The thing with ...

1 year ago . 210 views

What Wearing All Black Reveals About Your Personality

“Shopping rule: If it’s not black, put it back”

1 month ago . 78 views

Valentine's Day Special : Top 6 gift for valentine's day UNDER 500

That perfect time of the year for people who are in love is just around the corner. Yes, you have guessed it correctly, we are indeed talking about Valentine’s day....

1 month ago . 193 views

How I went from a lifestyle of excess to less

Living with less is a choice and a difficult one to make, but it's much more therapeutic

1 month ago . 109 views

Meet the designer who's taking haute couture to village home

The pandemic, shifting attitudes and technological advances pushed Spain's Nicolas Montenegro to launch his own brand in Lantejuela

3 weeks ago . 49 views

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