Facebook will tell you if someone uploads your information for ad targeting
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Facebook has announced changes to the policy for its advertisers so that your personal information is not misused.


Targeted ads are one of the demons in the digital world today and social media is the prime facilitator. Facebook, for one, with its multiple integrated platforms, faces flak for the barrage of targeted ads served to users without them realising.
However, Facebook has announced changes to the policy for its advertisers so that your personal information is not misused for ad targeting without your knowledge.
According to TechCrunch, Facebook requires advertisers to pledge that they had permission to upload a user’s phone number or email address for ad targeting. Now, this information will be revealed to users.
The new transparency feature, called Custom Audiences, will show when your contact information is uploaded and by whom. It will also show if your information was shared between brands and partners.
The feature will start rolling out starting February 28.



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