Microsoft, Flipkart Announce Cloud Partnership To Improve Online Shopping Service In India
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Information technology giant Microsoft on Monday announced a “strategic partnership” with Flipkart, whereby as a primary step, the net merchandise can adopt Microsoft Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform.
The strategic partnership was geared toward providing shoppers within the country the most effective on-line looking service, it said.
Microsoft chief officer (CEO) Satya Nadella and Flipkart cluster CEO Binny Bansal proclaimed the partnership at a happening in Bengaluru.

We square measure launching our strategic partnership along. I even have perpetually been a follower what Flipkart has done, in not solely beginning e-commerce, however currently in payments and supplying. it's extremely obtaining the Republic of India on the map. I’m happy to announce that Flipkart has chosen Microsoft Azure as its exclusive public cloud platform,” Nadella aforesaid.

“Of course this is often simply a begin, as a result of ultimately for North American country further it's all concerning having the ability to support entrepreneurs of Republic of India to be able to produce world scale businesses, and once we have faith in our mission that’s in the middle of it,” he said.
Starting with computing infrastructure, Microsoft Azure can ultimately add a layer of advanced cloud technologies and analytics to Flipkart’s existing information centres. Microsoft’s robust presence in the Republic of India beside its world scale permits for continuing growth and growth, setting the stage for the long-run partnership, Microsoft aforesaid.

This partnership permits North American country to leverage our combined strength and data of technology, e-commerce and markets to create on-line looking additional relevant and enriching for purchasers,” Bansal aforesaid. He aforesaid Flipkart in its tenth year of operations had taken e-commerce to concerning fifty million customers and also the question currently was a way to take this to five hundred million individuals within the next ten years.
Microsoft aforesaid Flipkart plans to leverage computing, machine learning and analytics capabilities in Azure, like Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power Bi, to optimise its information for innovative mercantilism, advertising, selling and client service. With ‘powerful insights’ concerning its business and new, intelligent services, Flipkart will deliver progressively relevant and individualised experiences to its customers, it added.



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