Sonu Nigam decided to quit Twitter, In support of Abhijeet
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Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam has conveyed a progression of 24 tweets developing to his exit from Twitter. He asked the media and his supporters to take screenshots of his tweets as the messages will soon vanish when he leaves the site.

Before stopping, he discussed how performing artist Paresh Rawal and singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya are being scrutinized via web-based networking media for sharing their questionable perspectives on Twitter.

Rawal as of late wrote in a tweet that acclaimed creator Arundhati Roy be attached to an armed force jeep, proposing she be utilized as a shield in a way like the way a man was utilized as a part of Kashmir a month ago.

"Rather than tying stone pelter on the armed force jeep tie Arundhati Roy!", the Lok Sabha part from Gujarat tweeted late on Sunday. It wasn't clear what setting he was talking in. Twitter experts later made him erase his tweet.

Abhijeet made an uncouth tweet about JNU understudy extremist Shehla Rashid after which, his record was suspended by Twitter. Abhijeet had retweeted about the JNU understudy, "There is gossip she took cash for two hours and didn't fulfill the customer... huge racket." In another tweet, he had offended a lady Twitter client when she got him out for his flammable tweets, where he thought of, "You Ms Pak. Disclose to me your pen no? Will reach there... Will do the most loved stance."

In April this year, Sonu started another discussion where he tweeted how the sounding of morning azaan on amplifiers at a mosque close to his home would not give him a chance to get appropriate rest. His announcements irritated numerous and a Muslim priest even offered Rs 10 lakh to any individual who might shave the artist's head. Sonu called a public interview to his home where he got himself tonsured. The priest still did not pay him the reward.

Sonu Nigam decided to quit Twitter, In support of Abhijeet

Sonu Nigam decided to quit Twitter, In support of Abhijeet



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