Scientists use horror films to understand how brain processes fear, anxiety
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In a new research that might help deal with mental health issues, scientists have used scenes from horror movies to discover a key impartial pathway in people and are the reason how our mind approaches feelings of fear and anxiety.

Researchers said, people are encouraged to do not forget apprehensive events because this record is useful for everyday survival. yet over-interpretation of fear may additionally result in tension and different intellectual disorders.

Till now, the mind circuit underlying worry has only been mapped in rodents.

Now, researchers at the university of California, Irvine (UCI) within the US have recorded neuronal pastime using electrodes inserted into the amygdala and hippocampus of nine humans as they watched scenes from horror movies to stimulate the recognition of fear.

Deep mind electrodes seize neurones firing millisecond by millisecond, revealing in actual time how the mind attends to anxious stimuli,” said Jie Zheng, a UCI graduate pupil.

Researchers validated that those two areas, nestled deep in the centre of the mind and which play a key role in recognising emotional stimuli and encoding them in reminiscences, are without delay changing indicators.

“In fact, neurones inside the amygdala fired 120 milliseconds in advance than the hippocampus. it's far genuinely extremely good that we can measure the brain dynamics with such precision,” said Zheng.

“The visitor's sample between the 2 mind regions are controlled by using the emotion of the film; a unidirectional flow of statistics from the amygdala to the hippocampus handiest befell when human beings have been watching worried movie clips however now not even as looking peaceful scenes,” Zheng stated.

Human and animal studies have set up the amygdala’s function in worry processing and a parallel role the hippocampus plays in stronger memory processing of emotional events.

It becomes now not formerly acknowledged how these close by mind regions engage for the duration of the recognition of apprehensive stimulus, said Jack Lin, a UCI professor of neurology.

“Most studies awareness on each brain location in isolation,” said Lin.

“Our examine unifies the various literature on the roles of the amygdala and hippocampus in emotional processing, with direct proof that the amygdala first extracts emotional relevance and then sends this statistics to the hippocampus to be processed as a memory,” he said.

Expertise the activation of the exact brain network in processing nervous stimuli is important to increase new remedy for psychiatric problems inside the generation of personalised medicine,” Lin said.



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