Top 4 Best Glucometer in India
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Glucometers are quite popular because they help to get information about the blood sugar levels quickly and easily. They give precise results with the measurement of the blood glucose level at all times. These computerized devices are small and display the level instantly. Hence, they are quite useful for people who have diabetes in day-to-day life.


In case, you are suffering from diabetes; glucometer works excellently to let you know about a blood sugar level and get valuable information regarding how exercise, medication, stress, food and some other factors are responsible for your sugar levels in the body. Besides, the information is helpful to build a treatment plan.
The blood glucose meters are available in markets for home use only. Some models are quite basic to give you information regarding the blood glucose level only while some advanced version has other features like memory storage for storing information.
Points to Consider Before Buying Glucometer
Whether you’re looking for a basic model or an upgrade, it’s essential to note a few points before purchasing one. Despite dozens of models, these points help you to select the best glucometer for yourself.
Consult with your doctor or nurse who can suggest a specific meter that will guide you in the right direction. Sometimes, you will get a pre-approved meter that can comply with the testing costs and other supplies.

Sensor glucometers are costly. So, you must look after the number of test strips in each kit before purchasing.

The testing procedure is quite different from each other. So, it is essential to look for the models that will be easy to use based on the system of monitoring. Moreover, you should also pay attention to how much blood is required in every test strip.

It is crucial to find a model that will give you the reading easily on the screen. Besides, pay attention to the amount of time the device requires to give you the results.

Time is valuable, so it’s vital to find an effective kit that can give you reading even after testing several times a day.

Maintenance of the Glucometer is an utmost necessity. So, it’s good to look for the Glucometer that is quick and easy to handle along with maintenance. Calibrate, ion deserves attention when it comes to getting the new strips.

A model that can store the readings is a better one because it helps you with the tracking of the blood glucose numbers. Even in the long-term, you can keep the records and refer to them whenever you need them. This feature ends the hassles of finding a notebook for noting down the numbers repeatedly. It’s better to buy a piece that will have the memory options. Some of the advanced blood Glucometer models also have logs that can be retrieved at a later time.

Some blood glucometers have other unique features that make it a compact option. A large meter that has stripped for more comfortable use is quite preferable among the users. Even people with impaired vision like these kits because they have an easy to read screen along with the verbal command. Numerous colorful options are available, making them excellent products even for children. What makes these models fantastic are the features like audio capability, backlit screen, memory storage, handling skills, USB meter, to name a few. The option for recording the carbohydrate grams and insulin is another remarkable feature.

Only with a reliable model, you will get the accuracy of the test depending on the number of issues that are to be dealt with it. Also, the kit includes quality test strips.



In this article, you will get to see some of the advanced and handpicked Glucometer models that will cover your needs and give you the utmost satisfaction. This section will give you the details about our handpicked choices for testing your blood samples.
4 Best Glucometer in India
1. Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter with 10 strips
This kit for testing blood glucose lets you get records in no time. On the display of the flashing drop symbol, apply blood drop to the green field right at the center. After 5 seconds, you will get the test result. The meter has the automatic turn off the feature.
2. Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer
This pack of 25 meters allows regulation of blood glucose quickly, accurately, and comfortably. After conducting the test, you can discuss results with Medical Practitioner.
3. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer
This glucometer is easiest to operate that requires no coding. All you have to do is to supply the blood sample in the strip. Visual and audio alerts give the notification to the user within 5 seconds whether the level of sugar is high or low.
4. BeatO Curv Glucometer
This pack comes with the 10 Strips & 10 Lancets. The kit is perfect in terms of measuring blood glucose levels. You can use it anytime, and anywhere. People are getting excellent results with BeatO’s set that utilizes a compact smartphone in the glucometer.



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