Weight loss: How Hibiscus tea can help you boost metabolism and lose weight
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While green tea is the most popular choice for weight watchers, not everybody develops a taste for it. Here is another tea - the hibiscus tea that can help accelerate the weight loss process.


Tea and coffee have been recently proven to help with weight loss, according to a study
Here is how you can use the hibiscus tea to accelerate your weight loss process
New Delhi: The New Year began a few days ago, and maybe losing weight was your New Years resolution. You might have got yourself the gym membership, or may have committed to following the workout routine on the internet that you have been eyeing for so long. You may have also decided which diet to follow to lose weight. While you are at it, here is one more weight loss advice that can help you accelerate the process.
A recent study had found that tea and coffee can help you lose weight. While green tea is the most popular choice for weight watchers, not everybody develops a taste for it. However, here is another tea option that you can include in your diet to boost your metabolism and accelerate your weight loss process.
How Hibiscus Tea can help with weight loss
Hibiscus tea is a healthy, herbal tea made with dried extracts of the hibiscus plant. The hibiscus tea has a sweet and tart flavour, which makes it a favourite of many. The best part about the tea is that it can be consumed iced or hot, which makes it fit for any season. Apart from being extremely nutrition, healthy for the heart and reducing bad cholesterol levels, the hibiscus tea can also help in weight loss.
According to a study, hibiscus tea can help in bringing down BMI, body weight, fat, and hip to waist ratio. Since it also has a positive effect on the bad cholesterol levels in the body, it can reduce the risk of obesity. 
Hibiscus tea can also boost metabolism, and improve digestion. These two body processes play a key role in a healthy body and weight loss.



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