Driving with a baby? Practice these 10 car safety tips

Most parents these days are always on the go. So, if you are taking your kids along or going for a drive, then you must take the safety tips seriously. Besides driving slow and safe, you must also take necessary precautions while your baby is on board. Here are some essential safety tips for your baby.


Buckle up the baby
Make sure your baby wears the seatbelt right before you start driving until you stop the car. You might drive slow, but you can’t always anticipate any possible danger ahead. So, it’s always wise to buckle up the baby properly.
Wear both lap and shoulder belts
If you have different belts for the lap and shoulder, then you must fasten both of these across your baby. Usually, both the belts are tied on together. So, look around carefully.
Ensure discipline in the car
Kids find it fun to ride with their parents. But keeping safety in mind, there should be rules in the car. You must not allow your child to touch the steering wheel or play with the car stereo. Most kids have this habit of changing the station as they want to listen to their favourite track. Prohibit them from jumping and rolling in the car.
Fasten belts separately
If there are two kids on board, never buckle them up together. Ensure you belt them up separately to make it safer for them.
Try to seat them at the back
It is wise if you ride with your kid in the backseat. Usually, the airbags are to protect the person with a broader stature or physique. Also, there are more chances of injury if you are seated in front.
Follow the traffic rules
No matter how many safety tips you are practice, it is essential to follow the traffic rules. Don’t drive rash or in haste. It’s better to be late than never. So, drive slowly and safely.


Don’t use a phone
Avoid using a mobile phone while driving. It will distract you and also leave a bad impression on the children. So, keep it aside. If you have to take an important call, park your car at the roadside and then answer it.
Baby car seat
If your baby is too little, you must carry the baby car seat and place your baby in it to ensure safety. This even helps to protect the baby against jerks and jumps, which the car faces.
Put the child lock on
Always put on the child lock system if you are driving along with your baby. It is the best way to ensure their safety.
Don’t leave the child alone 
One must never leave the child alone in the car. It may lead to suffocation and prove dangerous for your baby. So, either take them along or don’t leave the car.



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