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Daughter Finds Dying Mum's Last Message On Wedding Shoes

"Wanted you to have a gift from me on your wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you."


A woman who received her mother's last words to her in the form of a secret message on her wedding shoes says that she started to cry after finding it. Bride Emma, from Leicestershire, UK, got engaged in 2016, reports BBC. One month later, her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died before the wedding.
However, when Emma received her bridal shoes last week, she discovered that not only had her mother paid for them, she had also left her a message.
Written on the sole of the shoes were the words: "Wanted you to have a gift from me on your wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you.
"Hope you have a magical day. Lots and lots of love and big hugs, Mum xxxx"
"I had absolutely no idea, my fiance; knew about it. It was just an absolute shock," Emma told BBC.
She added that what made the shoes extra-special was the fact that her mother, after being diagnosed with cancer, had started writing letters to the family.
"I didn't get a letter, she just ran out of time," said Emma, "So this is special to me."
A picture of the shoes was shared on Instagram by online shop Lace and Love, who customised the shoes.


"A pretty emotional pair of shoes:This client put a deposit down on shoes months ago. In the meantime and unbeknown to her, her mum who was terminally ill contacted me to pay for them. She also sent me a message to include on the soles which I kept secret throughout the whole process along with the fact her mum had purchased them for her," they wrote.

The post, shared on Tuesday, left many emotional. "I choked up reading that. Beautiful," wrote one commenter. "How lovely, what a wonderful brave Mum," said another.



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