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Go green: 10 ways to decorate your space with indoor plants
Hindustan Times

Plants can liven up your home and also boost air quality by reducing toxins. Here are some tips to use them and decorate your home.


Keeping plants indoors not only adds some charm to your house tire place but also improves the air quality by reducing toxins. Myna Batavia, founder of Green Carpet, and Preeti Narula, founder of Living Balconies, list ways to decorate your house with plants.
* Potted plants are the best choice for your living room.Pots are available in different sizes and colours to suit your requirements. Ensure that they are visible over the furniture kept in the living room.
* The dining area should be graced with plants such as money plant, bamboo plants, and ferns in glass bottles and vases.
* Embellish your bedroom with indoor plants such as Sansevieria, which increases oxygen levels at night, to enjoy sound sleep. You can keep small potted plants on bedside tables on either side of the bed.
* In the open space or balconies, install a shelf or hang flower boxes along the railings to make it look attractive from outside. Also, the planter should sync with the wall colour. Embellish the place with animal artefacts.
* To fill in the empty area of your apartment, keep big plants in colourful pots.
* Decorate your living space with indoor plants as they make any area feel bright, lively, calm and beautiful.
* Place your plants on shelves or wooden pallets to create a mini-indoor garden.
* Hang indoor plants like Chinese money plant, Staghorn ferns, snake plants and weeping fig in the balcony.
* Use your old crockery set for planting. You can place them in your kitchen, living room, and even the bathroom.
* Make your own terrarium with succulents to create a decorative piece in your kid’s room or dining table.



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