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Google celebrates NASA's new exoplanet discovery with delightful doodle!

New Delhi: NASA's revelation of what appears like a radical new 'nearby planetary group' on Wednesday has the world's space lovers worked up. 
The seven Earth-like planets circling a little star in a distant universe has ended up being a standout amongst the most encouraging chasing grounds so far for life past our nearby planetary group. 
As indicated by NASA, the disclosure sets another record for most noteworthy number of tenable zone planets found around a solitary star outside our close planetary system. 
Indeed, looks like Google couldn't shroud its fervor on the news either, since it promptly turned out with an intuitive exoplanet doodle! 
The uncommon late-day, unique doodle indicates planet Earth looking through NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and detecting the star and the seven Earth-like planets. 
The doodle is delightful to the point that NASA really wanted to tweet it as well! Look at it:

Google celebrates NASA

Google celebrates NASA's new exoplanet discovery with delightful doodle!



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