Here Are 9 Reasons Why People Hate Mathematics

Maths, for some of us, is the stuff of nightmares. This community of math haters is huge. And we really don't get  people who say, 'How can you hate maths? it's wonderful.'


I mean, please excuse me while I throw up.
I personally hate maths so much that I decided to state why a considerable number of people hate maths.
Maths is horrible. PERIOD.
1. People grow up with the idea that most people hate maths. So, we carry this influence.
2. There is no way we can argue in maths. You are either right or wrong.
3. Because it is not very creative and is always by the book.
4. It is like learning a new language you are not familiar with. 


5. Because we feel that we are never using some of it in life so why do it.
6. Sometimes it makes you think so much that it drains you out. 
7. Because it is just cool to be not good at maths. 
8. Because most people had horrible math teachers.
9. Because people just don't get it.



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