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Islamic State suicide bomber a British native, previous prisoner at Guantanamo Bay

A suicide aircraft from the Islamic State gathering was a British subject kept at Guantanamo Bay, a relative revealed to The Times daily paper on Wednesday.

The British warrior, whom IS guaranteed exploded a suicide bomb against Iraqi powers outside Mosul, was named in the British media as Jamal al-Harith - kept at the United States base in the vicinity of 2002 and 2004.

A picture discharged by IS and distributed on Monday by the SITE Intelligence Group was affirmed as al-Harith by his sibling Leon Jameson.

"It is him, I can judge by his grin. On the off chance that it is genuine then I have lost a sibling, so another family (part) gone," Jameson said.

Channel 4 News refered to an anonymous relative and another unknown source affirming Harith was envisioned.

The photo indicates him grinning, wearing disguise attire and seeming, by all accounts, to be sitting in a vehicle with wires and switches out of sight.

The British government said it couldn't confirm the reports.

"The UK has exhorted for quite a while against all go to Syria, and against all go to huge parts of Iraq. As all UK consular administrations are suspended in Syria and enormously constrained in Iraq, it is to a great degree hard to affirm the whereabouts and status of British nationals in these zones," a representative said.

Harith, a Muslim change over of Jamaican starting point and conceived Ronald Fiddler, was imprisoned in Afghanistan by the decision Taliban since he held a British identification.

After the administration was toppled, he was captured by US troops in mid 2002 and sent to Guantanamo, where he affirmed he encountered beatings and corrupting treatment.

On coming back to Britain in 2004, he was quickly addressed by the police and discharged without charge.

Harith ventured out to Turkey and crossed into Syria in April, 2014, the BBC detailed refering to Islamic State enrollment papers.

The next year, his significant other Shukee Begum headed out to Syria alongside their five youngsters in what she said was a push to persuade her better half to forsake IS.

In the wake of being brought together with Harith, she was not permitted to leave IS region and was carried out, she educated.

Islamic State suicide bomber a British native, previous prisoner at Guantanamo Bay

Islamic State suicide bomber a British native, previous prisoner at Guantanamo Bay



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