Law and Managment-Beginner's guide

Firstly, the word LLB abbreviated as Literally Legum Baccalaureus. This is Under graduation level of Education where students who wants study Law which allows the student to become a lawyer in few countries and this was originated in England. This is course of three degree and students will be trained under different sections and laws and make the students to solve the case studies. Once the student got qualified in exam they must be under the practice of a lawyer for the development and growth of candidate with reality and physical to handle the live cases.


LLB Courses:
There are various LLB courses that is offered by every institute in our country like
1). LLB Criminal Law
2). LLB Business Law
3). LLB International Law
4). LLB Civil Law and many more courses.
In many countries this course is most popular and most of the students after passing the secondary education would like to apply for LLB or Bachelor of Law.. This is most prestigious course in every country, however it is different from each country as per their Law commission. Indian Law commission has the large number of sections compared to others and there is also a great demand for lawyers in our country.
Government Opportunity:
The students can also work as the government lawyer as APP(Additional Public Prosecutor)  where he/she can work on the government cases and the pay scale will also be very high. In our country The Law commission established the “Bar Association” for the lawyers to work at one place and will be operated in every court in India.
After completing the graduation in LLB the candidates can go for the Master programmes after LLB we can find at universities like
1). Master of Legal Studies Indigenous Peoples Law.
2). Master in Economic Analysis of Law and Public Management.
3). Master in Law
4). Master in Legal Administration etc.
At the end of allowing process the law graduates are “called to the bar” where their name are enrolled in the court of progress for Ontario and the everything of the same type court of equality and promise lawful swears in a formal administration where they should appear in a backers and bow their head in front of judges of allocate them as supporter and expert and can spend the useful time in the lawful problems in the district which they are approved.


The most prestigious course after completion of under gradation is Post Graduation. In Post-Graduation there are various departments like MBA, MCA, PGDM etc. The eligibility for MBA is 3 Years or 4 years’ degree. The full form of MBA is MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and to pursue there are few entrance exams like MAT, CAT, GMAT etc if you are qualified in such exams you can get admission in good requited institutes or university. The total MBA course is classified into four semesters. In this course you can choose your interested area as your specializations. In this course there are various areas where you can enhance your skills and knowledge. There various area like as follows:
1). Finance
2). Marketing
3). Human Resource Management
4). Sales and distribution
5). Portfolio Management
6). Operations and systems
7). Customer Relationship Management
8). Logistic and Supply Chain Management
9). Talent Management
10). Brand Management etc
These are most trending area in today’s market where the students opt for the specializations and enter into market.
1). Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.
2). Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development, Bharati Vidyapeet
3). MIT school of Technology Management.
4). International school of Business & Media post Graduate Diploma in Management.
5). Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development.
6). Pune Institute of Business Management.
These are the top MBA Colleges in Pune as per 2018 report for Management studies, but all these colleges require the entrance exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT with good percentage. All the B-Schools require this type of exams for getting admissions. Management is all about getting things done by others.



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