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Period Guide: 10 things women should not do when menstruating

Men have been telling women what not to do when they are menstruating since the beginning of time. Here is the period guide that you need to follow.


What do women need to do while on their menstrual cycle? You don't need to ask women. Because men, since time immemorial, have been advising women to do this and do that. Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji is the latest seer to see the plight of women during that time of the month and offer his priceless pearls of wisdom. We will not repeat what he said. You can read that here.
What we will tell you though, is what women need to do during that period of the month. We will tell you 10 things because anything less than 10 doesn't really qualify as a guide for women.
Here. Read, share and help drill it into people's heads. So that the next time you hear someone sermonising you, you know what to throw at them.



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