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Mike Tyson reveals what he did to Evander Holyfield’s ear after THAT bite

BOXING legend Mike Tyson has revealed what happened to Evander Holyfield’s ear after infamously biting it off during their legendary 1997 bout.


The heavyweight took a chunk from Holyfield in the third round of their clash.
The moment has gone down in folklore as one of boxing’s most notorious moments.
But now, “Iron Mike” has finally lifted the lid on what really happened to Holyfield’s right lug.
“I gave him his ear back in formaldehyde,” Tyson told the Sunday Times Magazine.
“I see Evander every now and again.
“We actually did an ESPN commercial together.”
The 50-year-old also revealed his fury at his UK travel ban.
He said: “I’ve been coming to England all this time. All of a sudden Nelson Mandela dies and they have a new rule?
“I wish I could go back. It makes me angry.
“There’s no way of appealing it. But when God plans things, God always comes out on top.”
The boxer – who follows Islam and veganism – is releasing his second memoir, Iron Ambition, following the success of his first memoir Undisputed Truth.



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