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Nawaz Sharif-Osama bin Laden money deal: Pakistan PM promotes jihad in Kashmir, Says Imran Khan's Party: Report

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has said it would sue Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for professedly taking cash from killed al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden to advance jihad in Kashmir amid the 1990s.

Remarkably, the party of Pakistan's resistance pioneer Imran Khan has been requiring Sharif's acquiescence for alleged corruption.

Dawn online quoted PTI representative Fawad Chaudhry as saying on Monday that his party had finished the procedure of inward dialogs and chosen in the wake of exploring every single lawful part of the body of evidence to record the appeal to against Sharif and his party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) for "planning against majority rule government in the nation in the wake of getting cash from remote strengths".

A week ago, the PTI had declared that it had chosen to record a request of in the Supreme Court.

The PTI does not have generous proof to brace its case aside from a few meetings and selections from a book 'Khalid Khawaja: Shaheed-e-Aman' by Shamama Khalid, the spouse of a previous Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy Khalid Khawaja, who was severely killed in 2010 by Pakistani Taliban.

The book guarantees that Sharif's promise of presenting an Islamic framework had pulled in canister Laden.

"Depending on the disclosures made in specific meetings and a book, PTI expects to open up a shady section in the nation's political history from the late 1980s in an obvious offered to additionally insult Sharif," a report in The Express Tribune said.

The meetings and the book guarantee that Sharif took cash, adding up to Rs 1.5 billion from canister Laden to advance jihad in Kashmir and Afghanistan, the report included.

They likewise guarantee that later, a measure of Rs 270 million from this cash was used to bolster a no-certainty move against Bhutto in 1989, the report said.

Be that as it may, in 2013, PTI pioneer Masood Sharif Khan Khattak, who is a previous chief general of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), had presented an announcement under the watchful eye of the Supreme Court for a situation identified with misappropriation of the IB subsidies in 1989.

In his nine-page proclamation, Khattak had asserted that the moving power behind the vote of no certainty against Bhutto in 1989 was not political and named previous president Ghulam Ishaq Khan and previous Army boss Mirza Aslam Baig, guaranteeing that they needed to keep Bhutto out of energy, the report said.

Chaudhry, in the mean time, stated, "previously, Sharif remained a dynamic piece of a few connivances against the chose governments".

A week ago, the PTI declared to open up another legitimate front against Sharif, saying it would record an appeal to requesting execution on a 2012 decision of the summit court in the Asghar Khan case which established that Sharif and different government officials had gotten cash from a knowledge office preceding the 1990 General Election to shape a cooperation against the Pakistan Peoples Party.

He said the two cases would be recorded for the current week.

Nawaz Sharif-Osama bin Laden money deal: Pakistan PM promotes jihad in Kashmir, Says Imran Khan

Nawaz Sharif-Osama bin Laden money deal: Pakistan PM promotes jihad in Kashmir, Says Imran Khan's Party: Report



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