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Pakistani labourer, who returned lost pair of gold earrings to owners, is winning hearts online

A pair of gold earring that was lost way back in 2015 was found by the labourer working on the neighbouring plot and was returned to its owners. The man even refused any reward.


The honest gesture by a Pakistani labourer is winning hearts online after he returned a pair of gold earrings to its owners. The touching story was shared on Twitter by a man who praised his kind gesture that has melted hearts of several users across the border as well.
According to Twitter user Zeeshan Khattak, the man working on an adjacent plot of his home walked up to his doors to ask if they had lost anything of gold ever. “Today our door was knocked. My brother went out and this labour asked if we had lost something of gold ever? [sic]” he wrote adding that the plot is under construction at the moment.
Hearing his question, Khattak’s brother answered that the family has lost a pair of earrings but way back in 2015. Listening to the answer, the labourer, who hasn’t been identified pulled it out of his pocket and handed over to the family.


Impressed by his honesty, they wanted to reward the labourer but he turned them down. “Offered him money. He refused. Kept the money forcefully in his pocket but he returned it back with the same enthusiasm and said, ‘I’ll wait for the God’s reward’,” Khattar wrote in a tweet replying to a user who asked to share details so that they could reward him.
The story is going viral and the man garnered heaps of praises on the micro-blogging site.
Beautiful, isn’t it?



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